Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.

Three pretty girls hiding out in their "office" made from and well-stocked with books.  

Katie likes being pushed around in her "big red car" by her big sisters. Thanks, TicketMaster for emailing us a few weeks ago letting us know the Wiggles would be coming to town.  Because of that email, Bryan decided to google some Wiggles songs and once again we have those songs stuck in our heads.  Madeline and Ellie keep singing them to Katie.  Just when I thought the Wiggles were out of our lives for good they came back to get their songs stuck in our heads.  GAAA!
Ellie is happy with her new-to-her 20" bike. I'm happy that she doesn't look like a giant riding a tiny bike anymore.  I can't believe she's riding the same size bike as Madeline now!  It's hard to believe that she's riding the bike that Madeline just got two and a half years ago.  She's really closing the size gap between them.


Bryan traveled to Nashville for a few days this week and he entertained the girls by playing around with iChat.  The girls were laughing at all of the goofy things he did.  I'm happy that he's home again.  It's been a rough three days with a cranky teething baby.


A certain little miss is not content to take things slow.  Katie is trying to stand up on her own.  She gets her legs straight and then tries to lift a hand off the ground.  I think it won't be long until she's successfully pulling herself up and then standing on her own.  This little one is determined.  Of course, figuring out how to stand isn't all she's doing.  She's babbling up a storm and started saying bye-bye yesterday.  She also cut a corner of her first tooth (front upper left).  I wish she'd slow down.  She's growing up way too fast for me.  

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