Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 38


A couple of summers ago we tried to get Madeline to read the first Harry Potter book.  She told us the book was terrible and the writing was bad.  Bryan and I disagreed with her, but she cried and carried on like I had asked her to read Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness,the most painfully boring book ever penned in my opinion.  We were both shocked when we discovered her reading the Sorcerer's Stone on Monday.  Even more shocking was that she told us the book was pretty good.  What didn't have us pleased was the way she was abusing the first edition hardback copythat we have.  So I ordered her a paperback setso Bryan and I could stop cringing.  


Bryan spent a good portion of yesterday staining the deck.  I think it looks great.  He wasn't too enthusiastic when I told him I think it should be refinished every year.


Almost two years after the project to take out the solid wall and create a more open basement staircase was started, the woodwork was installed.  Bryan had to learn how to use a router to complete this job.  I think it looks quite nice.  Now I just have to prime and paint it.

The new shower that was installed nearly eight months ago is finally finished.  I primed and painted the ugly white spackel this past weekend.


For what we assume is the first time since the house was built back in 1998, the wood trim around the garage doors was sanded and repainted.  It looks so much better now that all of the peeling paint is gone.


I think Ellie is a snack artist.  Do you see how she made a little design with her left over gold fish?  I like how it looks like they flowed out of the school of fish in the bag.


The girls and I finished up our Marian trading cards for the ATC swap that is being hosted by Kimberlee from Pondered in My Heart.  We mailed our cards out on Tuesday and the girls are now anxiously awaiting the cards they will receive.  The top cards are mine, the middle ones belong to Ellie and the bottom ones were drawn by Madeline.  Ellie was a bit adventurous and decided to dabble in watercolors for a couple of them.


  1. Those trading cards are adorable!

    I'm glad to hear that your oldest is into Harry Potter (as I am when I hear anyone is into HP!). I would have called about this age for them. I think I read my first book about wizards in boarding school when I was ten or eleven. (Not HP, actually: Dianna Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci Quartet.)

  2. I probably will ask my children to read Heart of Darkness. Love that book (and Apocalypse Now!)


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