Thursday, June 21, 2012

Small Successes- June 21st


Celebrating the little things in life that add up...

1. Our new freezer arrived last Monday, and I after several days of it running nearly empty, I took all three of the kids to four different stores in one afternoon to buy frozen food.

2.  Katie survived being away from me for about seven hours last Saturday night.  I was really worried that she wouldn't go to sleep for my parents, but she did.  I guess she only likes to give me a hard time at bedtime.  I think she just wants to spend extra time with me.

3. I planned to make a Sacred Heart cake for last Friday and I actually did it.  I think it came out pretty well considering the middle didn't actually bake and needed to be dug out and stuffed with bits of cake, oh and it survived me dropping it.

4.  I'm starting to work my way through the stack of books that I've been needing to review.  It seems I can eek out time to read, but when it comes to finding time to write up a review, that's not always easy.

5.  I ordered some of the things the girls will need for their school uniforms next year.  We are well stocked with navy knee socks and white and navy tights now!

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