Sunday, March 4, 2012

Techie Baby

It appears that Katie is a girl after her daddy's heart.  A couple weeks ago Katie discovered that she could flip through pictures on Bryan's iPhone.  Anytime Bryan is holding her and he pulls out his phone she will reach out for it and try to swipe at the screen.  I've uploaded a few free Fisher Price apps for her on my iPad and she seems to enjoy tapping on the screen, but she's certainly more interested in flipping through pictures of people she knows.

On Saturday night at Mass, we discovered just how ingrained technology is in her life at just four months old.  She started to reach for Ellie's Magnifikid.  Bryan held it up for her and that's when we realized that she thinks that books will change when you tap them.  She was quite concerned when the pictures didn't change no matter how much she swiped at them.  It made me realize that I need to read more books to her.

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