Thursday, March 15, 2012

Small Successes-March 15th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. Laundry is under control.  Mostly everything is washed, folded and put away with the exception of clothes tossed down the basement steps last night and this morning.

2. I managed to keep Ellie quiet for 45 minutes while I stood in line for confession on Saturday.  Katie was kind enough to sleep the entire time.  Oh, and Ellie didn't run off or freak out when she had to stand outside the confessional by herself for a few minutes.  It's amazing what a bribe of a donut and and happy meal will do.

3. Almost all of the 3-6 month clothing has been removed from Katie's drawers and closet and replaced with 9 and 6-12 month clothing.  I'm stunned that she's filling out 6-12 month clothing like it won't fit in another couple of months.  Slow down, baby girl!  Oh and thanks to the amazing generosity of friends who have given us hand me downs, coupled with my inability to part with about 14 of the older girl's 6-12 month dresses, I will be returning most of the spring/summer clothes I brought for Katie.  Seems like every time I buy her clothes I wind up returning them because we simply don't need them.  I like shopping for her, but I'm not going to complain about having loads of adorable hand me downs to use.

4.  I'm hanging on to my sanity despite the fact that all three of my girls are outgrowing their clothes at the same time.  Madeline and Ellie are perfectly content to try and squeeze themselves into clothes that don't fit anymore.  I'm working to remove clothes from Ellie's line-up when I notice they are too tiny.  I then take the snug clothes that Madeline has been clinging to and put them in Ellie's room. Neither of them are happy that I keep taking away clothes that don't fit.  Soon I will start the painful process of sorting through outgrown clothes and deciding what to keep and what to give away.  I simply can't hang on to all of Ellie's outgrown clothes for six years.  Hanging on to hand me downs for 3-4 years is bad enough.  If I don't start to select only a week or two of outfits to save from each size I will soon be featured on that hoarder's show.

5.  I had a very productive morning today.  I dropped Ellie off at school and then stopped by Target to get my Starbucks fix.  Then, I went to the craft store to pick up the VBS order, which I promptly dropped off to my arts and crafts coordinator.  After that, I stopped by the parish office to drop off my VBS receipts for reimbursement.  I even got to taste the yummy Irish soda bread that a friend had made and posted on Facebook.  I can't wait until she gives me the recipe so I can make it.  I'm amazed at how much I managed to do in two hours.

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  1. Screening out clothing is a never ending battle/chore. Kuddos. I have to tackle my daughter's room upstairs. I'd been putting it off. Thanks for the mental reminder. Sounds like a great week! (I think I need a Starbucks now).


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