Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Successes-March 1st

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. Laundry is under control.  I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday getting caught up.  I'm pleased with the end result.

2. Last Thursday I finally went and saw a podiatrist about the ripping, tearing pain I had on the top of my right foot.  His diagnosis is that I have tendonitis and inflammation in the joint right below my big toe.  My foot was tapped up from Thursday morning until Monday morning.  The end result is I discovered why my foot was injured in the first place (awesome Nike sandals I brought for when I was in the hospital having Katie) this past Saturday when I put on shoes I hadn't worn in four months.  Since I'm nursing Katie, the doctor does not want to do a cortisone shot which he believes will eliminate my problem right away.  Instead, I'm stuck wearing sneakers all day for the next two weeks.  I try to be barefoot as much as possible, so this past week has seemed like torture.  I miss having my toes available to pick things up.  I ranted and complained to Bryan for days that I thought the doctor didn't take me seriously when I told him how my foot felt, and that he was a quack because his solution was for me to wear shoes.  I spent the better part of Monday not wearing shoes and quickly realized that my foot doesn't have as much pain when I'm wearing a sneaker.  So perhaps he's not a quack and does actually know what he's talking about.  I'm still skeptical, but I'll wear the shoes and see what happens.

3.  Bryan and I gave up cheese for Lent so that has made meal planning a bit tricky.  I was afraid this would have us resorting to take out frequently, but we put our heads together and came up with dinner ideas that don't require cheese.  Allison over at A Broken Fortress posted a recipe last week that looked good to me and Bryan so I tried it out on Tuesday.  75% of us liked it.  Ellie, who doesn't seem to like anything that isn't cheese or covered in cheese didn't like it one bit.  But I'm not placing too much stock in her opinion.  She's disliked nearly everything I've made this week.  She's looking forward to Friday when she gets to eat pancakes for dinner.  I decided I'm going to try one new recipe a week during Lent and maybe even after that.  At the very least it will help us expand our dinner options.


  1. WOW! Kudos to you for giving up cheese. I really don't think I'd survive...we LOVE cheese around here. But I guess that's the whole point of giving things up for Lent, right?

  2. Great week mom! Keep those shoes on...I'm betting the doc is on to something there...


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