Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.

Princess One Sock discovered her feet this past week.  If you put her on her back chances are she will show you her new trick.  She thinks this is great fun.


Katie or Super Mighty Fine Princess as she commands her eldest sister Madeline to call her, is always happy when she has her big sisters playing with her.  She thinks it's quite amusing when Kid, as she calls Madeline, sticks out her tongue.  Katie is intrigued when Ellie shows her how to play with the toys.  Of course, Ellie doesn't always realize that playing with her baby sister's toys isn't exactly the same as helping her play with them.  She'll get it eventually.


Playing Flying Baby is a lot of fun. The older girls were amused to see Katie fly.

I think the look on her face says it all.  This is what happens to you when you spit up on five or six outfits before 3PM on a Saturday.  Mommy decides that dressing you a bit "clownish" is ok since the outfit likely won't last more than an hour.  It sort of matches.

Trying out new food certainly yields some funny faces.  Katie really isn't a fan of cereal.  She tends to wear more of it than she consumes.

A few nights ago Bryan asked Madeline to get Little Miss Spittyuppykins a new onesie and sleeper.  She laid the sleeper out upside down so Bryan decided to put it on Katie like this.  Oddly enough, Katie thought it was funny and seemed to like having her hands covered.  She was in the sleeper upside down long enough for me to take a picture.  I really live with a bunch of goofballs, but they're my goofballs.


Look at that pile of boxes and miscellaneous items!  I'm trying to do the 40 bags/boxes in 40 days thing for Lent.  This pile of cardboard wound up being 2 packed Pampers boxes and a big folded piece of cardboard that went out in the recycle the other day.  The playard mattress seen in the foreground along with the rest of the playard went in the trash.  It was our playard from ten years ago that was given away and then returned dirty and covered in mildew.  I attempted to clean it, but it was beyond saving.  Katie's future big girl car seat and her first carare sort of buried in the rubble.
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