Friday, March 23, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 31

Just when I was beginning to lament the fact that I had no one to pass some of Katie's outgrown clothes to, I found out a friend is expecting a little girl in three months.  I had tried to give some of her things to Ellie's old soccer coach who is expecting twins (boy and girl) but they said they were already overloaded.  Since we don't know what the future holds, I'm keeping most of Katie's outgrown things, but I'm trying to only keep a reasonable amount of clothing because we simply have more than one baby really can use.  I don't know if we'll have another some day and if we did, there's no guarantee that we'd have another girl [of course, I'd bet on it if I were a betting gal].
It's Friday.  In less than 24 hours we'll hear the garage door open and Bryan will be walking through the kitchen door.  I still have to get through the rest of today, but it looks like I survived Bryan's business trip.
Bryan spent two nights with one of my best friends and her boyfriend.  On Tuesday they took him out to dinner, and last night they took him to Disneyland.  My friend works for Disney and she got him into the park.  So last night as I sat in the family room blogging Bryan texted me a few pictures from Disneyland along with updates about the rides he was going on.  I have to admit I had a twinge of jealousy when I got two pictures from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  It's the ride I miss the most when I visit the Magic Kingdom.  It was one of my favorite rides for many years. 
I think we're almost set for Easter.  The girls all have Easter dresses.  I gave up on finding matching/coordinating dresses for the girls and decided to use one of the two dresses I had from Madeline and Ellie for her, and have Ellie wearing a dress Madeline wore three years ago that I still adore.  I found Madeline's dress over at Kohls earlier this week and found a sweater that matches perfectly at Justice yesterday.  Now I just need to get shoes for them and we're good.  I also have everything we need for Easter baskets and our little egg hunt.  I hope to fill the eggs and the baskets next week so I don't have to worry about them.  I'm tired of rushing to get things done late on Holy Saturday after the Easter Vigil.
I ran out of my cereal yesterday morning and didn't realize that I didn't have more in the cabinet until very late last night.  I wound up stopping by the Amish market for some of their yummy jelly sticks.  They're pretty much the same as their awesome jelly donuts only with double the jelly.  I got myself three of them.  That should see me through until tomorrow morning.
The more I thought about Madeline's current situation over at the middle school the more I began to worry that the bullying wasn't necessarily coming from another child, but rather an adult.  After having a conversation with someone that "never happened" my suspicions were confirmed and I was armed with the information and buzz words I needed to have Madeline transferred to another homeroom.  Starting Monday, I hope to see a child who is no longer feeling sick regarding school.
Would you believe these "Quick Takes" took me a little over five hours to compile?  I started these a little after 7:20 this morning and now it's almost 1pm.  Perhaps I should call them Slow Takes.

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