Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small Successes-March 22nd


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I'm surviving while Bryan is away on his week long business trip.  My moments of feeling like I'm going to go totally insane have, thankfully, been fewer than I expected, but still, I am feeling quite stretched and exhausted.  I am so grateful for friends who have been happy to help out and give Madeline and Ellie rides to and from soccer practices.  One friend even made sure Ellie got her homework done.  Wednesday was a particularly hectic day.  Not only did I have to run Madeline over to the parish school for her second day of shadowing, but the girls also had choir practice followed by Ellie's soccer practice which just happens to coincide with the exact time of the Mass I've been going to on Wednesday nights.  Let's just say the soccer coach knew Wednesday was already a busy day in our house and he decided to proceed with Wednesday practices.  I suppose he thinks I'm super woman or something.

2. On Saturday I made a loaf of Irish soda bread.  I was pretty surprised that both of the girls and Bryan all liked it.

3.  I haven't had time to blog about it, but I think I have finally learned that I MUST WATCH WHAT I SAY AROUND MY CHILDREN.  On a positive note, thanks to something that was said to me when I went to confession [again] this past Saturday "Careful what you say...children will listen" I was made aware of the musical Into the Woods.

4.  Just when I was beginning to wonder if my ten year old might one day be a Psycho Killer [Qu'est que c'est]* I ran into someone who had some more insight to the almost week old story and found that the incident in question was what she believed to be someone pushing my daughter to her breaking point.  Thank God!  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me.

5. I folded the laundry this afternoon so my mom wouldn't think the house was incredibly messy.  I also cleaned the powder room, and the kitchen counter tops.  Katie graciously granted me about two hours in the middle of the day to allow me to accomplish it all.

*Ok, two things 1. I've had the song stuck in my head since Friday afternoon. 2. I don't really think she'll be a psycho killer someday, but I do wonder when her conscience will start firing on all cylinders.

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