Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small Successes-January 21st

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

Wow, another week has zipped by in a blink. I'm not sure what's going on with time lately, but it seems like it's moving at a rather rapid pace. I could use a few long days here and there.

1. Madeline's water cycle model for school is completed. I spent most of Friday working on it. Madeline's input was taken into consideration every step of the way, but I think it's pretty safe to say that I did the majority of the project. Bryan just stood there and shook his head when we discussed the project a few days after it was completed. At that point, it dawned on me that I took over yet another school project belonging to Madeline. I need to stop doing that. But, on a positive note, I think I made a model that will earn me, I mean Madeline, another A.

2. The laundry is conquered, the kitchen countertops are clean, and the windows on the ground floor are cleaned. Clearly I've been keeping busy.

3. Ellie has successfully spelled her name (verbally). I never considered when I picked long names for my kids that they'd have difficulty learning to spell them. She's had her nick name mastered for a while, but spelling Elisabeth has been a challenge for her. Imagine my delight when she came up to me last night before dinner and spelled her name for me twice. Success! She also learned her last name, phone number, birthdate and address in the span of a week. I was certain that we'd be muddling through this for months, but she surprised me and soaked up the information rapidly. I'm going to attribute this to the fact that she also picks up prayers pretty quickly.

Bonus: How did I forget this? I packed up a small mountain of Ellie's outgrown size 4 clothing and passed it on to Bryan's co-worker. (I bombard them with the vast majority of our hand-me-downs.) This is a task that is bittersweet for me. On one hand I'm thrilled to finally get the pile of outgrown clothes off my bedroom floor. (Hey, there's carpet under there!) On the other hand, I can't help but feel sad to know that my baby is now too big for these clothes, clothes which Madeline wore when Ellie was just an infant. (Sigh. Where did the time go?) My baby is a 39 pound 4 1/2 year old now. That's really not much of a baby now, is it?


  1. Kitchen countertops are clean?? That's huge! I haven't seen my full clean countertop in about 2 weeks despite frequent efforts to tame the savage beast.
    You've encouraged me to go give it another stab :).

  2. Yes, clean as in nothing on them, or clean with things on them? LOL

    I cleaned mine today, but they still have items on them :)

    GREAT list, and love all your work. You make me feel so inspire me!!!!

    Much love!

  3. LOL with Madeline's project; I've done a few of those myself. Its funny when projects would be brought into the classroom, you could tell the ones the parents had significant involvement in and it wasn't because of the quality of the work but how gingerly the parents carried them in :)

    its hard to find that perfect balance; you want them to do well, at the same time you need to let them do it themselves. I struggled with it all through their whole school days and never got it down right.


  4. The countertops are clean as in only the items that belong on them are there. So small appliances, picture frame, ipod dock, and canisters are on the countertops, but none of the toys or papers the kids or my husband decided to dump on them are there. The crumbs have all been banished, too. I love clean countertops! It gives the house that not-lived-in feeling.


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