Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fish and House Guests Smell After Three Days

I think I've probably already mentioned that Ellie was sent home with Alvin, the class chipmunk stuffed animal the Friday before we got hit with the big snow storm. Alvin was supposed to go back to the school on December 21st, the last day before Christmas break, but thanks to the snow his return got delayed, and we wound up having to play host for twenty days. To say that I was not happy about this would be an incredibly gross understatement. Part of the chipmunk project involves the parents having to write a journal for Alvin's adventures. It is something I find rather tedious because one, I didn't want the stuffed animal in the house in the first place, and two, I dislike having to write by hand since I can be a little wordy (those of you who read this blog are probably well aware of that point). So I procrastinated for 19 days in writing up Alvin's adventures with us. In the end, I decided that I needed to type it up and then paste the story into the journal. I probably could have filled the rest of the book if I had decided to write it out by hand. Bryan found the story rather amusing and thought that I should share it online somewhere, so what better place to share it than here on the blog. The following is told from the perspective of Alvin, the unwelcome mascot of Ellie's Cheery Chipmunk's pre-K class:

Ellie with Alvin at my Mom's house.

On Friday December 18th I got to go home with Ellie. I was pretty psyched because the last time I visited Ellie I had a blast. When we got to Ellie’s house the place was decorated for Christmas.Ellie showed me the tree decorated with ornaments made by her and her big sister Madeline, and then we went into the family room to look at the other tree. Both trees looked like a place where I could hang out.

Ellie’s mom made chocolate chip cookies and I got in trouble for trying to filch a few too many.Her mom told me I had to stop eating them as fast as they came out of the oven. I think she was just trying to keep them all to herself.

After the cookie fiasco, Ellie and I went and played with her toys. I had a lot of fun. Once her big sister Madeline came home from school, we got to have ice cream for a snack. Ellie’s mom REALLY likes playing Christmas music so we listened to that all afternoon. I was pretty happy when my songs from my Christmas with the Chipmunks album came on. Ellie kept trying to sing MY parts in the songs. That irritated me a little bit.

On Saturday morning we woke up to a snow covered world. It snowed ALL day. We couldn’t leave the house at all. The kids and I ran all over the house and we drove Ellie’s parents nuts. I was really hoping that we could play in the snow, but Ellie’s mom is really mean and told us we couldn’t go out until the snow stopped, which was NEVER!

On Sunday the snow FINALLY stopped. But Ellie’s mom told me I couldn’t go out in the snow because I didn’t have a coat or snow boots. So I got to look outside while Ellie and Madeline played in the snow. I was really happy when their mom told them they had to come inside. Later that day we made cookies. I was the official taste tester. I ate so many Christmas tree cookies that I wound up with indigestion. I was looking forward to going back to school the next day.Everyone in the house was going a little crazy since we were all trapped in the house since the roads weren’t plowed.

On Monday, the worst possible thing happened. School got cancelled. I was convinced that I was in the middle of a hostage situation. Instead of taking me back to the school, Ellie took me to her grandparent’s house. The visit was going well at first since we had pizza and cookies but then Ellie’s MomMom and her mom took out their cameras. They made us pose for so many pictures that I was pretty sure I was going to go blind from the flash. Those two are crazy!Ellie’s Pop Pop kept trying to make small talk with me, but I just wanted to eat cookies so I tried to ignore what he was saying. The drive home was really quiet. Ellie, Madeline and I got in trouble for acting like crazy people while their mom was driving on the snow-covered roads.

On Tuesday we were trapped in the house again. Ellie’s dad needed to take her mom’s van to work and we had to play in the house all day. We listened to lots of Christmas music. At bedtime, Ellie tucked me into my very own bed and read me a story called Pajama Time. It’s Ellie’s favorite bedtime story.

Wednesday saw us trapped in the house again. We played with a cool Princess and the Frog book that Ellie got in the mail the day before. We had lots of fun recreating the movie. Madeline and Ellie also dressed me up in girly jewelry. I only played along with it because when you’re a hostage, it’s best to just do what they say so you don’t get hurt. Ellie’s Gammie and Poppa Mike visited and gave everyone (except me) presents. I was hoping they’d smuggle me out of the house, but they weren’t interested in helping a hostage. They were probably afraid they’d get stuck here, too.

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun. We got to track Santa on NORAD to see when he was coming to Ellie’s house. I kept Oscar the family dog company while Ellie and her family were at Mass.He must be a dangerous creature because Ellie’s family locks him up in this prison called a crate every time they leave the house. I think they think he’s going to steal something when they’re not around.

Christmas day was great. Everyone got lots of presents. Ellie got a cool new bike and she let me sit on the handlebars. She even got a couple of Webkinz friends that I could hang out with, which is good because I figure with more hostages, I have a better chance of getting out of here. I got a few treats for Christmas, but I didn’t get that hula-hoop I sing about in my Christmas song. Santa must have run out of them. We had a big Christmas dinner and Ellie’s Mom Mom, Pop Pop and Uncle Mark visited.

Saturday, December 26th-I’m scared and ready to go home now. I see why Oscar is kept in that prison. He kidnapped a small stuffed dog and CHEWED his eyes out while Ellie and her family went out for lunch. I began to wish that I hadn’t decided to stay behind and nap. I’m trying to make sure I don’t look at Oscar. I don’t want to go blind.

After the stuffed animal assault, I decided to lay low for a few days. I spent several days playing with the toys in Ellie’s room. Ellie brought me lots of food so I wouldn’t starve to death. I’m now living in constant fear of Oscar the eyeball-chewing dog.

Wednesday December 30th- Ellie’s Nana and Pop visited. I got to eat more yummy food and hang out with her family. Ellie and Madeline got to open more Christmas presents, but I didn’t get anything. They did bring yummy Napoleons from a bakery in Staten Island, so I was happy about that.

On New Year’s Eve I got to go to Chuck E Cheese with Ellie. I hung out in her mom’s purse while Ellie played games. I got to hold the tickets she won. We enjoyed a yummy pizza, too. Later that night we got Chinese food delivered to the house. When the ball dropped at midnight, I was the only one awake. Ellie’s mom and dad fell asleep in the family room just before midnight.Madeline and Ellie fell asleep long before that. I think these people need to drink coffee or something.

On New Year’s Day I got to watch the Flyers play in the Winter Classic. Ellie’s dad and I were really enjoying the game until the Flyers let it get tied up with a few minutes to go. They lost in overtime. Ellie’s mom and dad were pretty disappointed.

I played hide and seek with Ellie on Saturday. I got in a lot of trouble when I hid a little too well behind a couch cushion. Ellie’s family searched the entire house for a while looking for me. I think they’re going to let me go soon. They seemed desperate to find me so they could send me back. The New Year has brought me hope!

On Sunday, I went with Ellie to watch Madeline’s indoor soccer game. I saw Darren from class. I was hoping that I could go home with him (I know he’d bring me back to school instead of holding me captive), but his mom and dad said I couldn’t come home with them. Next time I go to their house I’m going to make a lot of noise!

On Monday Ellie’s MomMom and PopPop came over to watch us in the morning. We played lots of games with them and had fun.

On Tuesday I got to go a few places with Ellie. We went to a little store to buy books Ellie wanted, and then we went to the parish office for Ellie’s church. Ellie got to pick a lollipop while she was there. We got Chick-Fil-A for lunch today. It was yummy. Ellie has school tomorrow.Her mom says they’re going to let me go, too! Maybe I’m not really a hostage, after all. I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight so I can be ready to go on a new adventure tomorrow!

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  1. I hate those dumb assignments! We had to do a "Flat Stanley" for second grade where my husband had to bring this folded up cut-out of a boy with him to work and he had a very busy day. He was highly annoyed and was so close to writing something with sarcasm to match but he was good about it.


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