Saturday, January 23, 2010

She Knows Exactly What She Wants!

Madeline has a history of drawing things that can give you pause. Back in July she dabbled in religious art with a pop culture twist.

Leading up to Christmas, she designed a lovely greeting card for her teacher that never got final approval. The message that one might get from looking at the card quickly was not one I felt was appropriate. It did, however, amuse friends, family members, co-workers and her teacher's sister (Madeline's former 2nd grade teacher). This is the card:

For the past few days, Madeline has been telling us how much she wants a telescope. She has decided that this is what she wants to Christmas this year. Perhaps I have a budding astrologer on my hands. To show me just how much she wants this telescope, she decided to draw a picture of herself with the telescope. I was doing Ellie's hair in the girls' bathroom when Madeline showed me her latest drawing. I did my best to keep a straight face. I suggested she go show her daddy how "nice" her drawing was. She bounded down the stairs to show him and within seconds I hear Bryan asking her if she has shown this to Mommy yet. Bryan, knowing my sense of humor, came upstairs to laugh at the drawing with me, but not before he snapped a photo of it with his iPhone so he could post it on Facebook.
Bryan explained to Madeline [after we finished laughing at her drawing] that you use your eye to look through a telescope. We think that she may have been slightly confused about how one uses a telescope.

Never a dull moment here! There's always something going on here to either keep me on my toes or laughing 'till my sides hurt.


  1. LOL!! got to give her an "A" for creativity though. got to love her innocence too that she didn't "catch" this. telescopes are fun and I love looking at the stars and thinking how God placed each of them just right where he wanted them


  2. I never commented here? I wonder if I did but never completed the code words!

    This was a RIOT!!! Loved them and brought my hubby to look at them. HYSTERICAL!!!

    Thanks for sharing them, what a laugh, and yes...gotta love innocence!


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