Friday, January 29, 2010

Face, Palm: Meet

I just got in from dropping Ellie off at school. She has this quirky tendency to say things that are funny yet, often embarrassing. Usually when Ellie says these things she does so in a manner that can't help but attract attention. She talks louder than normal (a sure sign she wants people to hear her) and in a very odd tone (it's the hey, look at me tone) and usually she has this slightly exasperated look on her face (sometimes accompanied with an eye roll in my direction) that says, "you should know this already, Mom". Most of the time, I try to ignore whatever it is that she's trying to use to embarrass me. Today, however, was a little different. As I'm fiddling with Ellie's book bag trying to adjust it and pull out the lunch box (lunch for a "class picnic" that will happen well before 11:30AM dismissal--that makes sense) she comes out with the zinger. "I hate farting." Are you kidding me? Did she really have to announce that? I'm guessing she must have just let a few rip. Why else would she have felt the need to make that announcement? Never a dull moment here.

1 comment:

  1. hahahahah!!! You reminded me something I need to blog about this weekend...HAHA!!!

    Love that!


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