Friday, January 22, 2010

Do I really only have two children?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm playing Mommy to more than just the two children I delivered. Sometimes, I think that my husband is my third child. How this happened is beyond me.

Bryan just came bounding downstairs in an undershirt and pajama pants to find me. Bryan works from home on Fridays and he likes to be comfortable, so that's the reason for the ridiculous attire. Personally, I'd rather him put on sweatpants or something of that nature, but I'm not going to insist on them. As I'm talking to him I couldn't help but stare at his bushy configuration of hair. He usually sports a short buzz cut, but he hasn't gotten around to shaving off his hair in a few weeks. I mentioned to him that he was a bit fluffy and that's when he told me perhaps the stupidest thing I've heard all week. A co-worker "double dog dared" him to grow a mullet. Are you kidding me? Does this not sound like something you expect your third grader to come home and tell you? I had to explain to Mr. Overgrown hair that he needs to cut his hair today.

I didn't say a word when he decided to sport a scruffy beard for a few days, but mullet hair? I don't think so. Someone is going to be cutting his hair or I'm going to do it for him.


  1. LOL!! but then maybe you should be grateful he has enough hair to grow one (my hubby is balding)


  2. I'm the opposite, I love it when my hubbies hair get a bit longer. More to run my fingers through.


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