Monday, May 18, 2009

Powder room trash picking, anyone?

The weekend is over and the house is surprisingly clean considering I've had Bryan home for the past three days.  I liken Bryan to Pig Pen from the Peanuts comics.  All he has to do is walk in the door and I have an instant mess on my hands.  Usually it's  just his back pack, shoes, keys, and work related stuff that seems to get tossed all over in the kitchen and family room.  Given that I'm an absolute neat freak, this drives me insane.  

It's essentially the same routine when Madeline comes home from school or soccer.  Everything she brings home winds up strewn all over my kitchen.  When you operate under the delusion that kitchens are just there to look nice, it can make you a little crazy when your clean countertops have keys, random small toys, and school work covering them at the end of the day.  
Ellie is my resident toy scatterer.  I'm fairly certain that God sent her to help me learn to lighten up when it comes to trying to have a perfectly maintained home.  Ellie makes it her business to ensure that there is always a small mess somewhere in the house.  She doesn't want me to be idle.  
Oscar has also picked up on this let's keep Mommy busy routine.  He scatters his toys all over in the kitchen and family room so I can have the pleasure of tripping over them while I'm in a cleaning frenzy.  What a wonderful addition to the family he has turned out to be!  His latest obsession has been trash picking treasures from the powder room trash can and scurrying back to his crate where he can eat them and just chew on them to make revolting messes.  Just as I was getting ready to blog about something totally different, I hear out four-footed friend scamper from the powder room en route to his crate.  I picked up on the rustling paper sound and realized that he was up to something.  Apparently, we found the paper wrapper to a roll of toilet paper.  Exciting!  I was fortunate enough to get it away from him before he could create a mess that would have left me gagging.  I am totally revolted by wet paper products.  The sight of them make me feel sick to my stomach.  I am also unwilling to come into contact with blobs of wet paper products, unless I'm cleaning up a spill or cleaning windows or counter tops.  I have felt this way about wet paper products since elementary school when some girls used to wad up TP, wet it and toss it on the ceiling or mirrors in the girls room. GAG!

So now that my neat freaks anonymous digression is out of the way, I suppose I can get blog about what I came here to do.  Although, I am wondering if it's going to look half as exciting as my neat freak and wet paper product revelations.  Probably not, but if you're bored and looking for something to read, as I often am, this will just give you something do to.  Amazingly helpful I am!

I apparently met my quota for inappropriate social gaffes for the week already.  I managed to get it out of the way before 9am on Sunday.  Since Bryan is taking some time off from church (insert my eye roll and loud sigh here, please), I took the girls to the 7:45 Mass yesterday.  I typically get up around 6am on Sunday so I can have some time to myself in the morning, so I decided to get the girls up, dressed and out the door in time for the earlier Mass.  It was a bit of a time crunch for me since Madeline moves slow in the morning and I got up a little late, but we made it there on time.  My reward was not having to her the Folk Song group this week. Yay!  So my black-eyed Ellie sat on the end of the pew and apparently caught Fr. Vic's attention (not to mention she was making faces and sticking her tongue out when Fr. Mazz, our pastor was making some very long announcements at the end of Mass, and I'm sure he saw her).  So on our way out Fr. Vic wants to know how she got the black eye.  Mind you, I've been getting this question and judgemental looks all week.  Explaining that my child stood on a rocking moose, fell, cut under her eye and had a big goose egg has been getting the "I'm not buying that explanation" response from the general public.  If you know Ellie, then you know that the explanation is accurate and you wouldn't be surprised in the first place that the kid has a black eye.  So I jokingly respond to him that we beat her.  The stunned look on his face and all those around us was priceless.  I quickly followed up with the "she fell and hit her face" answer, but I don't think anyone brought it.  So there's my social gaffe for the week.  I told Bryan about it and he told me that it's not funny to joke around about that.  Hmm...if he was with me yesterday morning, perhaps this gaffe wouldn't have happened.  Either way, I'm getting tired of fielding black eye  questions.  I hope the bruise goes away soon. The cut has healed nicely and I think she will not have a scar from it.  Note to self: not funny to explain child's injuries with what I think will be a witty response, just stick to the crazy stranger than fiction facts. Oh, and continue to lament the fact that most people are not going to get or appreciate my sarcastic and often off-beat sense of humor.

So Spring soccer is now officially over.  Madeline's last game was yesterday.  The rain cleared up just in time for the game.  Unfortunately, it was pretty cold out there.  I am not officially not looking forward to the cold soccer games in October and November and by this fall I'll have two kids playing.  Did I make a mistake in signing Ellie up to play this year?  I guess we'll find out this fall.  I suppose we'll be busy on the weekends for most of the fall with soccer games on Saturday and Sunday along with Ellie's CCD classes on Sunday mornings.  Madeline played really well.  She has come such a long way from when she started playing last August.  She didn't score any goals yesterday but she came close about 5 or 6 times.  In the past, she would just kind of give the ball a little tap when trying to score, but now she's out there kicking the ball with some force.  She took out the other team's goalie with one of her kicks yesterday.  She hit the girl square in the face with the ball and made her nose bleed.  I know it was awful that she hurt the other girl, but I have to say I was so proud of my daughter.  She can kick the ball really  hard now AND it gets some air!  

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