Sunday, May 24, 2009

How'd you sleep last night?

I woke up pretty early yesterday morning.  Not sure what has gotten into me, but I keep getting up around 6 AM.  Perhaps I'm just old now.  I fully expected after having a rather full day of gardening, going to confession, more gardening, swimming, going to Mass, and then going out to dinner that I was going to crash on the couch before 10 PM.   Apparently sleep just wasn't in the cards.

I was ready to lay on the couch and watch a movie or documentary by 9 last night, but Bryan had put Kung Fu Panda on for Madeline sometime before 9 (I live in a time warp) and we both said she could stay up to watch the end of it.  I didn't realize that the end wasn't going to be until around 9:45. Ugh.  

Ellie was clearly wiped out and wanting to go to bed before that. So we put her to be sometime shortly after 9.  I figured that she had just had a long day.  I figured wrong.  I discovered at 12:30 last night that she was sick.  Ellie isn't the kind of kid that will come and get you if there is a problem and that usually creates a bigger problem.  So last night when I was finally ready to go to sleep I walk upstairs to a strange smell.  Turns out poor Ellie had been vomiting.  Everything on her bed had some degree of vomit on it.  She also threw up over the side of the bed onto the carpet and her pjs were covered.  I called my smelling impaired husband, who was in a sleep induced haze, in to help out.  Bryan ended up taking one for the team when he carried her into the bathroom.  Once we got Ellie and her room cleaned up I tried to go to sleep.  I'm not sure how long I was awake but I don't think it was long.  I woke up at what I think was 2:30, but Bryan tells me was 3:30 (maybe I need to relearn my numbers) to the sound of Bryan springing out of bed to the sound of Ellie at the start of the vomit cough. Ugh!  The second mess wasn't as bad as the first time, but I needed to change the sheets again.  I felt so bad for poor Ellie, but the kid handled the whole thing like a real trooper.  She didn't cry about it and only asked that I brush her teeth. 

We woke up again at 8:30 AM to the sound of Madeline asking when we would be making breakfast.  So far, Ellie seems fine.  She's drinking but not eating.  She says she feels fine.  Here's hoping that no one else gets sick.

Aside from all the laundry last night, I think the worst thing that happened was Bryan was reminded of what life is like when sleep gets interrupted.  Once we were back in bed after the second round with Ellie he made a comment that this is like having a newborn again.  It may not seem like such a profound statement to an outsider, but it was a message that I got loud and clear.  Guess I'll have to back off my already scaled back campaign for another baby.  On a positive note, he also realized that he still has the great waking up in the middle of the night dad instinct.  I pretty much lost my ability to wake up to the sound of a crying baby when Ellie was a few weeks old.  

So I'm certainly tired now.  I plan on taking a nap today.  I just hope it actually happens.  

*Fun Fact: Bryan has no sense of smell and never has.  The only thing he can "smell" is mineral ice.

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  1. Awe, those nights are so horrible. I hope you are recouperating! Once my washing machine broke in the middle of a cycle with throw-up sheets. Pretty gross!


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