Monday, May 11, 2009

First Communion, Mother's Day and a Birthday, oh my!

I have had a busy past three days going on four.  Friday, I ran around my house like a crazed lunatic making sure everything was ready for Madeline's First Communion.  I also had to run out and buy Mother's Day plants for the grandmoms.  To say that I am exhausted right now would be an understatement.

I'll start off with Madeline's First Communion.  I started the day off at 6 AM.  I successfully got Madeline's hair into her up-do.  That took me about 45 minutes to do.  I have been worried since January that I wasn't going to be able to get her hair right on the big day.  I'm very happy to report that it went up perfectly and that she looked like an absolute princess.

I've been hoping for many months that I would be able to get some awesome pictures of her in the dress.  Unfortunately for me, Madeline wasn't in the mood to cooperate for my camera.  She gets moody with me when it comes to taking pictures outside.  I'm hoping that Madeline's godmother and my mother managed to get some decent shots.  For some reason, Madeline will not open her eyes when she's outside for pictures, so just about every picture of her has her squinting and looking like she's about to cry.  Doesn't matter if the sun is at her back or in her face, I get the same look from her.  It's very frustrating from my standpoint, especially when other kids will face in the same direction and let me get beautiful pictures of them.
Madeline did a great job at church.  She looked like an angel when she processed into the church.  She was very excited to receive Communion for the first time.  As soon as they did the presentation of the gifts she turned to me and asked if she could go up now.  She was a bit disappointed when I told her she needed to wait just a smidge  longer, but she managed to be patient.  Out of 54 kids who were receiving First Communion that day, Madeline was the third from the last, so she really had to be patient.
After Mass we got some nice pictures in and outside of the church.  We even got to meet Fr. Mazz's dog, Pio.  We hear about his dog frequently in his homilies so it was nice to finally meet him.  I wonder if he'd trade his calm and beautiful sheltie for our spastic Oscar. 
Madeline got her hair cut after our guests left the party we had.  She's thrilled with her new do. 
Her hair looks almost exactly like mine now.  So I have a hair twin in the house now.

Mother's day was pretty good.  Ellie had her last CCD class for the year and she made me a handprint.  Both girls gave me presents that they made at school.  Ellie gave me a story that she dictated to her teachers.  It was a riot.  Did you know that peanut butter and jelly is a recipie?  She had a whole page about the PB&J sandwiches that I make for her.  The kid really likes her sandwiches!  
Madeline gave me a coupon book that I can redeem for chores.  It felt like it was Christmas when I discovered the "This coupon is good for: a clean basement".  Our basement is the playroom and it was totally trashed after a playdate Ellie had on Friday and then the Communion party.  Madeline wasn't too happy when I told her that I was going to use that coupon.  

Bryan took us out to Olive Garden after Mass yesterday so I actually got to eat in a restaurant on Mother's day. Usually we just do take out on Mother's day because I don't like sitting at a packed restaurant.  We eat out all the time and for the most part we don't eat in on Mother's Day or Father's Day because of the crowds.  Those are out two designated take out days of the year.

I even got to nap yesterday.  Not sure how long I slept for, but Bryan kept the kids at bay.  I really appreciated that.  I've been running like a crazy person for the past three weeks and I needed that nap.

Ellie had a bit of a mishap yesterday.  When Bryan sent the girls to the basement to clean up, Ellie decided to play instead.  For some reason she was standing on her rocking moose (that I asked Bryan to put in the utility closet two weeks ago) and she fell off.  Poor Ellie now has a cut on her face and a big black and blue mark.  My poor baby looks all beat up.  Something tells me she won't be standing on the moose anymore.

Today is my birthday. I'm now 31. Woo Hoo!  24 more years to go and I can join AARP and live in a retirement community.  Of course, AARP thinks I'm already old enough to join.  I got my preliminary membership package two months ago.  Somebody is confused.  To celebrate my day I'm going to a Mother's Day tea at Madeline's school.  When I come back I'm having cake with my parents and possibly my brother.  It's my dad's birthday today, too.  I'm still not sure if I'm going to buy or bake a cake.  I have to decide soon since I don't have a lot of time left.  When Bryan comes home from work I'm going to have a birthday lemon meringue pie.  I still have to go out and buy that.  I'm tired of cake at this point.  I still have about half of Madeline's Communion cake left over.  Anyone want cake?

I am looking forward to next Monday.  CCD and soccer will be over for several months, and if all goes well, there will not be any cake left over in the house.  

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  1. I'm so glad the First Communion day went well for you! And Mother's Day, and your birthday. We have 3 different kinds of cake in the house right now because I made one for my daughter's real birthday with the family, then cupcakes for her class and softball team, and then another one for her party with her friends. Oh and both my daughters had hair disasters the mornings of their First Communions. Boys are really easy that way!


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