Monday, April 8, 2013

When the Comic Strip is About Me

My dad has an uncanny knack for seeing his loved ones in the comic strips.  For years he has been clipping comics that he thinks are about me, my mother or my brothers.  He will show it to people and ask "Who does this remind you of?"  About two years ago he found a funny one which I now have laminated and hanging on my fridge where a dog is at the psychiatrist talking about how when he gets upset with her that he'll have an "accident" and instantly my dad thought of Oscar and me.  Everyone who sees it knows it's Oscar and when I look at it my feelings that he pees in the house on purpose are validated.

Today my parents came up to visit and watch Katie for a little bit this morning so I could get out of the house and run some errands.  We're trying to keep her at home while she recovers from the pneumonia so she can get better and not pick up anything else along the way.  She's doing much better, too, but you can tell she lost weight.  Losing close to two pounds when you only weighed about twenty two pounds makes a big difference.

Anyway, back to the comic strip.  My dad pulled out a comic that I had never heard of called Rhymes with Orange [No, we don't get the paper.  And yes, I do live under a rock.] and asked me who it reminded me of.  I knew within seconds that it was about me.  He had showed it to my mom and my brother yesterday and they all had a good laugh over it at dinner.

When Madeline and Ellie came home from school today they saw it on the dining room table.  Instantly Madeline says to me "Hey, Mom, this dragon is just like you!"  Then Ellie took a look and confirmed it.  I trimmed it up so I can laminate it and hang it on the fridge.  I know Bryan will be amused by it when he sees it.  What can I say.  I just don't like my food to touch.  And, yes, I do look that upset when my food touches.  I feel for that poor fictional dragon.  Poor thing.  Now those people are just going to taste funny.

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  1. Too funny, on Sunday I found this exact comic clipped out and stuck to my computer. It is also me to a T.

    I HATE it when food touches. Liquids, like the juice from corn seeping into my potatoes is the worst


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