Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review: Tweet Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago a copy of Mark Hart's Tweet Inspiration: Faith in 140 Characters (or Less) arrived in my mail box.  Immediately I was intrigued by the concept of the book.  I thought to myself, seriously, how much inspiration can one back into a mere 140 characters?  As I paged through the book I found myself both amused by many of the tweets as well as surprised by how deep many of them were.

What I like about this book is you don't need to commit an afternoon or any significant length of time to reading this book.  Sure you could sit down with this book and read all of the tweets in a short bit of time, but I think this book is best approached reading a few here and there as mini jolts of inspiration.  As I read through this book I found so many tweets that resonated with me.  One of the tweets in this book that really jumped out at me as I read through this book in a house filled with the chaotic sounds of kids running around loudly being kids was this: "If the Lord didn't want us to grow in patience, He would never have given us families. :)"  So true, and so perfect for me at that very moment.

Overall, Tweet Inspiration is a fun book.  It will make you laugh, it will make you think and it will challenge you to live out your faith.  The book is certainly worth a look if you need a source of bite sized inspiration.

I was provided with a review copy of Tweet Inspiration by the publisher, Servant Books, in exchange for my honest review.  Visit Servant Books for more information on this title.

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