Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 65

We had to bring Katie back to the pediatrician this morning for a follow up appointment.  She's lost a bit of weight from this illness.  She's down at least a pound at this point.  She certainly feels lighter.  Her fever is staying below 100 so we're happy about that.
Getting fluids in Katie is still a concern.  She did a great job this morning when she got up and drank several ounces but starting around 10am her interest in drinking has dropped off.  She is eating some food so that's promising.  We were told at the appointment this morning to expect her to not have much of an appetite over the next week.  She's napping now so I'm hopeful that she will start drinking when she wakes up.  Bryan already had to give her some juice using a medicine dropper around lunch time.
Lunch time?  Sure I'll tell you about lunch time.  I ran out to McDonald's to get a quick "hey is a Friday during the Easter octave and we're going to eat meat today" lunch.  While waiting for our food Bryan called me to let me know the school nurse called and needed us to get Madeline from the school.  Lord, have mercy!
What was wrong with Madeline?  Oh, she sneezed during language arts and her gum, the gum that the school rules expressly forbid, flew out and landed in her hair.  Bryan asked if it was really bad enough to warrant him dropping his work, again for the thousandth time since Wednesday, to go get her.  The nurse told him it was pretty bad, so I came home with the food and Bryan ran to get her while I googled  ways to remove gum from hair.  Fun!
A dejected looking 6th grader walked into my kitchen about 15 minutes later.  I dumped a few tablespoons of peanut oil on the matted gum mess and got to work.  A few minutes later all of the gum had been picked out.  As I worked on it I kept thinking to myself that this felt like someone's chewed gum, which I found gross.  I had to keep reminding myself that it was, in fact, someone's chewed gum.  
I'm a mean mom.  After I washed the peanut oil out of Madeline's hair I pulled it back into a ponytail and took her back to the school.  I know she was mortified that I was bringing her back but I wasn't about to reward her with a day off from math class for breaking a school rule.  The secretary in the main office was amused to see her back so fast.  I asked her how often this situation happens and she informed me that this was a first.  My daughter's a trend setter!
Here's hoping and praying that next week won't be so action packed.  I'd love a string of dull moments.  Madeline and Ellie will both have school next week.  Hopefully Katie will be on the mend and life will calm down a bit.


  1. Wishing you a restful weekend and a dull week upcoming!
    Continued prayers for Katie!

  2. I have to say that I would have taken my son/daughter straight back to school too!


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