Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toddlers Are Exhausting

I have some days where I feel like no matter what I do Katie is fifteen steps ahead of me.  I suspect she is either teething [again] or she is just in one of those moods where all she wants to do is screech this ear piercing scream over and over.  My other girls never screamed like this for the sake of screaming.  Talk about a test of patience and sanity!

This morning Ellie's school had an academic and anti-bullying assembly.  Since Ellie and a few of her classmates were doing a skit during the assembly I had to go to the school.  I had already missed the first two academic assemblies that they had earlier in the year so I had to go to this one.  Katie was pretty good for the first half of the assembly but shortly after Ellie did her skit she started freaking out.  I didn't want to have her scream and cry over the other skits that the other classes were doing so we ended up leaving before it was over.  I was just happy that she held out long enough for me to see Ellie's skit.

In addition to the screaming she's been running around the house tearing it up.  She's a little taller now and that means she can easily reach up on the tables and some of the countertops.  So when the kids and other larger humans in the house leave things like their glasses, cups of juice/water/milk, coins, papers, books and other items that they do not want destroyed by the baby within striking distance Katie goes to work.  This evening she found Madeline's glasses and was happily bending and twisting them.  I'll know soon if they're destroyed or not.  I'm hopeful that they're ok since she has one of those flexible frames.

Once I got the glasses away from her she decided to bolt into the living room where she began pulling all of the freshly folded laundry apart.  She pretty much cut a path of destruction all over the main level of the house while I fielded soccer questions from my neighbor who called me by mistake thinking she dialed Bryan's cell phone.

After a pleasant drive over to the soccer complex to pick up Ellie, Katie once again picked up her mission to destroy.  This time she attacked the pages in one of her favorite books.  And then proceeded to run around making miscellaneous messes.

I'm still feeling worn out from the previous three weeks so these past couple of days where Katie is doing her best to try my patience are leaving me feeling frazzled.  One of the downsides to the screaming and chaos stressing me out is I keep grabbing the foods that I know I shouldn't be eating.  Apparently sugary foods are my version of comfort food.  I think I need an afternoon to myself so I can relax.

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  1. Glad she has her energy back, sorry she seems so bent on destruction.


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