Thursday, April 25, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} First Holy Communion

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Those of you who saw the blog post about Ellie's First Holy Communion earlier this week probably already saw this picture, but I thought the picture was pretty enough to share again.

The day after Ellie's First Holy Communion the girls were singing in the children's choir for the noon Mass.  Several of the little girls in the choir made their First Holy Communion on Saturday so they wore their dresses to Mass on Sunday.  On our way into the church Ellie and her friend met up and held hands on their way into the church.  I had my camera in my hand the the other girl's mother told me to take some pictures.  Aren't they adorable?

I love the look on Ellie's face in this picture.
Ellie was so happy to surprise one of her good friends who was making her First Holy Communion in the Mass after Ellie.  Ellie ran right over to her friend and gave her a big bear hug.

Just as we were getting into the car to head home after Ellie's First Holy Communion Mass I spotted our friends taking pictures of their son who was in the second group of first communicants for that day. Ellie and this little boy went to preschool together and his older sister plays on Madeline's soccer team.  So we see a lot of this family and Ellie and the little boy are friends.  Both of them were a little embarrassed that we took pictures of them together.  Ellie's arms are crossed in protest of the picture taking.  Too funny, but they sure are cute together!

Ellie's hair is really curly!  I'm amazed at how well those foam rollerswork.  I thought it might have been a fluke the first time around but apparently not.  
Ok, one more photo repeat from the earlier post.  Did you see the cake (and cupcakes) that I made?
I used a cross cake panand a chocolate moldfor the chalice and host decoration.  I was afraid the icing and candy melts weren't going to match, but they were exactly the same color!  

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  1. Beautiful photos! My own Ellie just received her First Holy Communion a couple weeks ago :)

  2. She looked just lovely and that cake is fabulous!


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