Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 66

Ever have one of those weeks where you get a lot done but you just don't feel like you're getting much of anything accomplished?  That's sort of how I've felt all week.
Procrastination seems to be the current theme of my life these days.  I need to email some of last year's VBS volunteers to see who is coming back, but I never seem to get around to it.  I really need to do that today...or tomorrow.  I do have a few friends who agreed to get on my case if I don't get this stuff done soon.  It's good to have friends who will force you to stop procrastinating.
I'm ready for steady warm weather.  I feel like the last week or two really spoiled me with all of the nice warm days.  This past week has been quite a bit chillier.  I've been trying to take Katie out for a walk each day, but some days it's just too cold for my liking.  I did manage to go for a few walks this week.  I needed to test out a new strollerthat I'm reviewing for Amazon.  The infant car seat that it came with is only making me want to add another little one to the family even more.  Bryan wasn't amused when I told him we're good with infant car seats up until 2019 now.  Katie was quite taken with the car seat.  I couldn't keep her out of it. 
Isn't she a riot?  One of the girls left her iPad out where Katie could get it yesterday morning.  As soon as Katie spotted it she ran into the living room and put a pillow on the floor and then ran to go get the iPad so she could sit on the pillow and play with it.  She was so pleased with herself and she was so cute that I couldn't help but take a few pictures of her.

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us.  On Saturday Ellie has to go to basketball tryouts so she can be drafted for a team.  Doesn't that sound so odd?  My seven year old has to get drafted for a team. Then we have an away game for Madeline that thankfully isn't too far away.  After that we need to get to Mass.  On Sunday, I have to take Katie and Ellie with me to teach my religious ed class since Madeline has another soccer game on Sunday morning.  Sunday morning with my class will be a bit crazy since we're putting on a show for the parents.  Once we get home it will be time to start getting Ellie ready for her soccer game.  Is it Monday yet?  I know Bryan and I will be exhausted by the end of the weekend.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
Did I mention there was a bank robbery in my town yesterday? (Isn't odd that I can't find a news story about it?)  It happened a few minutes from where I live, which also happens to be about three minutes from either of my girls' schools.  Because the guy was armed and fled on foot, Madeline's school was on lockdown for two hours.  Ellie's school didn't have to do a lockdown since he fled towards the middle school and another elementary school but away from Ellie's school.  They had officers at all of the schools from what I understand with a very heavy presence at Madeline's school.  Oddly enough we got a phone call from the Catholic school alerting us to the situation but we didn't get a call from the public school.  They call us when there's a fire drill, but not when an armed bank robber is on the loose.  Strange.
I think I'm going to go buy some plants for the garden sometime in the next few days.  I really want fresh basil from the garden so I can make a few of our favorite dishes, but I need basil plants first.  I might try to grow a basil plant inside this year to see if I can keep it growing year round.  My rosemary bush is hearty enough to live year round but basil typically dies off in September around here.  I think we're at a point now where I can plant tomatoes and basil and not have to worry about them dying from frost.


  1. Cute pictures, also posted an iPad photo this week.
    Good luck with your busy weekend.

  2. Dropping in through the Quick Takes link--

    Re #7: Rosemary is a perennial and can be kept going for years, but basil is an annual. This means it is programmed to flower, set seed, and then die.

    Here in my northern climate (Nova Scotia), I keep it in pots and bring it indoors before the first frost (it is very cold-sensitive). With care I can nurse it through the winter, being especially vigilant to pinch off all flower buds as soon as I spot them, but when spring comes it starts to throw all its energies into seed production. It drops all the big lush leaves and new leaves remain tiny and sparse, while flower buds proliferate. At that point it is finished. Throw it out and start over.

    Two of the three I've had this winter are still doing well, but the third is entering the "make some seeds before I die" stage and I expect the others will follow shortly.

    Hope this helps! Fresh basil is definitely worth having on hand, but the individual plant will not live much beyond a year at best, and letting it go to seed will hasten its demise.


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