Thursday, April 4, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...

Katie had a lot of fun running around on the front lawn before we went to the Easter Vigil.  This outfit was sort of a last minute decision.  I wasn't thrilled with how the yellow looked against her skin so I added in the little body suit and instantly I loved how the dress looked on her.  It's so funny how a color that looks awesome on one of my girls is anything but on another.  

My mom asked me to make a dessert for Easter dinner.  I decided to do a trial run for Ellie's first communion and make a cross cake.  I'm happy with how the first attempt turned out.  Everyone else was happy to devour this cake.  After my brother decided to name this the "Jesus cake" everyone wanted a piece.  It was quite yummy.

The girls take egg dying very seriously.  They have the most serious looks on their faces in pretty much every picture I took of them dying eggs.

Katie wanted nothing to do with being in a group shot with her big sisters.  So as she walked around in circles on the lawn Madeline and Ellie trailed behind her posing for pictures.  The things we have to do to get a picture of all three of the girls!

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  1. These are all wonderful but 'real' is my favorite, too funny!


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