Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Pancakes?

We're trying once again to limit our eating out and take-out habit.  We save so much money when we limit eating out to once a week, so we're doing our best to start cooking the vast majority of our meals.  When I was pregnant with Katie and unable to be anywhere near chicken without feeling horribly nauseated we had a really good run of eating most of our meals at home that entire summer.  We limited eating out to only a few times a month and the amount of money we saved by doing so was a real eye opener.  Not to mention it helped us save enough money to take care of a few home improvements that we needed to do at the time.

I'm finding we do our best with eating at home when we have some sort of menu for the week written down.  Otherwise Bryan and I go back and forth trying to figure out what we should eat and we usually wind up ordering take-out instead.  We've also found that it helps to have some back up dinner ideas in case the original plan falls through such as a traffic delay, or the store not having what we wanted in stock or of acceptable freshness.  The lack of a back up plan has been a problem on more than a few occasions and it doesn't help that our awesome full size freezer is mostly stocked with bags of ice and lots of little bags of milk for Katie, most of which needs to be discarded.

I made pancakes for dinner tonight and they're always a hit with Oscar and Katie.  Madeline and Ellie run hot and cold with them, and Bryan needs to be in the mood for them.  I'm in the same camp as Oscar and Katie.  I could eat them every day.  The look I got from Bryan when I suggested that we have pancakes three times a week like we used to when we had just gotten married was priceless.  He claims I beat pancakes and ravioli to death back then.  I disagree.  There's no such thing as too much pancakes.  It's just not possible.  You can eat them with jelly, fresh fruit, chocolate chips and whipped cream, maple syrup (it has to be real, not the fake stuff) and whipped butter, or just plain.  It's impossible to go wrong with pancakes.

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  1. My littles love breakfast for dinner but are younger than yours and that probably makes a difference.


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