Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DVD Review: Saints for Kids

Saints for Kids: 32 Friends of Jesus is an animated collection of saints stories geared to kids in the pre-school through third grade age range.  Each saint story is just four minutes in length making it the perfect run time for use in a religious education class where every minute of instruction time counts.  Because of the short length of the stories, it's also ideal for children with short attention spans who might grow weary of a longer story.

The collection of saint stories spans two DVDs with a combined run time of over two hours.  I found it particularly helpful that the menu for the DVD actually has the saints stories listed by month for their feast days.  That's incredibly helpful if you intend to use this DVD set to celebrate the liturgical year with your children or to aid you in planning your lessons for a religious ed class.

The animation of these stories reminds me of several story books that we have.  There were a few stories where the animation looked so much like the pages of some of our favorite  Maite Roche books. While the animation has a story book page come to life type of feel, it's worth mentioning that this isn't high tech animation.  My children enjoyed watching the stories, just the same, but they did comment a few times that some of the characters only had three fingers.  Despite a few missing fingers here and there the stories are still enjoyable.

I was provided with a review copy of Saints for Kids by the publisher, Pauline Kids, in exchange for my honest review.  Visit Pauline Media for more information on this DVD.

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