Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Then There Were Nine

This morning when I got Katie ready for her bath I pointed out to Bryan that her toenail was indeed lifting off.  Neither of us were thrilled about this and Bryan couldn't bear to look at it.  If you can look at entire nails flapping off a digit and are unfazed by it then you've got something on me and Bryan.

So after watching her nail flop around in the tub we quickly got her dried and covered that toenail up with a nice sock.  Out of sight, out of mind.

For reasons we won't go into on this blog, I found myself washing my very fragrant baby once again this evening.  This time the toe nail was hanging on by a thread of skin or nail. Ick. Ick. ICK!

Once Katie realized there was something of interest going on with her toenail she decided she wanted to play with it.  That's when we came to the conclusion that we needed to get it off before she hurt herself.  So Bryan, Madeline and I had to wrangle Katie so we could safely remove the nail with the nail scissors.  A few of her other nails look like they're also going to fall off.

I suspect that I might also wind up losing a nail or two on my hands.  One of my nails that looks like it has a blister feels like it's lifting off my nail bed.  I'm not going to handle it well if it comes to that.

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