Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brother Francis Born into the Kingdom

The latest episode of Brother Francis is out and this time it's focus is the sacrament of baptism.  Born into the Kingdom is every bit as good as the Brother Francis episodes that precede it.  Since this DVD has arrived at our house it has been watched countless times by my seven year old.  Even our one year old is captivated by this show.

As always, Brother Francis explains the Catholic faith to youngsters in a way that is fun and right on their level.  In order to explain the sacrament of baptism and why we need it, Brother Francis introduces viewers to the story of Adam and Eve and the first sin.  From there, children see a few little short stories where the characters learn the importance of doing what they were told to do vs. doing what they feel like doing--such as taking short cuts that weren't short cuts at all.  It all leads up to giving them a good understanding of why we need the sacrament of baptism.   There are two catchy songs in this episode.  "I've got a Family" teaches children that they become a part of a larger family when they are baptized into the Church.  "Jesus is the Light of the World" that shows children how God is present in the world today.

My older daughters were laughing out loud over the segment where they show a baby being baptized because of the baby's funny made up last name..  They were able to recall when their baby sister was baptized a little over a year ago and point out the parts of the baptism that they remembered.  Everything about the baptism is explained so little ones who have a younger sibling who is about to be baptized could watch this beforehand and come away with a good understanding of what happens when someone receives this sacrament.

From our one year old to our elven year old, Brother Francis is well received in our home.  Our eldest daughter can't help but rush into the room to see her favorite parts of this episode when she notices her little sisters watching this DVD.  So I think it's safe to say that Brother Francis, despite being geared to preschool and younger elementary school aged chidden, can even appeal to some middle schoolers (provided they have younger siblings, I think).

I was provided with a review copy of Born into the Kingdom, by the publisher, Herald Kids, in exchange for my honest review.  Visit Brother Francis Online for more information or to purchase a copy of this DVD.

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