Monday, January 28, 2013

Fluffy Hair Help Needed

I hoping that maybe some of you might be able to give me a little bit of advice.  Two years ago Ellie had smooth poker straight hair.  I have straight hair, so I know how to handle straight super fine hair, even when it's a full thick head of super fine can't hold a curl straight hair.  Over the past two years Ellie's hair has gone from a texture that I loved and had no problems taking care of to a fluffy nightmare.

I've tried different conditioners, smoothing creams/gels, frizz serums all to no avail.  Nothing weighs the fluffy frizziness down and nothing seems to do anything to relax it.  The waves started gradually.  First she had one in the middle of her hair that I thought was from her ponytail.  Then the back got really wavy and the sides stayed straight and now she's crazy waves all over.  But they're not waves that are consistent, they're crazy waves that are super close at the top of her head.

Brushing her hair is tough and takes forever.  Her hair is super thick and the fluff and waves only complicate it more.  I've tried just using a comb and that is pretty much impossible.  I started wondering if maybe I should use a pick, but I'm not sure that that's the right route either.

I never blow dry her hair, and I'm fairly certain that if I did, her hair would look like one of those cartoon animals after it takes a spin through a washer and dryer.  We're trying to avoid that look.

I haven't tried a straightening iron.  Our morning routine is hectic enough as it is without adding something that I'm pretty sure will be even more time consuming and likely to involve Ellie and myself getting burned.  Of course, I'd be willing to give it a go and see if it would work if we straightened it at night.

So I'm looking for suggestions.  What can I do with her hair?  She likes to wear it down but doing that means she's a fluffy puff ball within an hour or so after getting out of the shower and the fluff puffs up more and more as the day goes by.  She's frustrated by the fluff and I just don't know how to tame it.


  1. There is a really good book out there called "Curly Girl" that you can get on Amazon. The author discusses all the different types of curls (there are so many curl types) and how to treat them. The main recommendation across the board she says is to not shampoo. I found that worked really well for my daughter, plus conditioner on a daily basis. Tons of advice there, hope it helps.

    1. Don't shampoo ever or just not every day? I'll go and check out the book on Amazon now. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I have wavy super thick hair that annoys me to no end. If I take a shower in the morning, my hair fluffs out during the day, so for me, I take a shower at night and just sleep on it and let it air dry over night. That seems to tame the fluffiness. Of course it only makes it more wavy, but to me the waves are manageable if the fluff isn't there. Have you tried that?

  3. Not until their hair starts to smell :), and then you have to use a really light shampoo and tons of leave in conditioner to make up for the shampooing.


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