Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DVD Review: Stories Jesus Told

I recently had the opportunity to review Stories Jesus Told: Parables for Kids from Pauline Kids.  I knew that Pauline Kids had some great children's books but I had no idea that they also had some animated DVDs.  Stories Jesus Told is a collection of ten parables.  Each parable is four minutes in length making them perfect for viewing in a religious education setting.  They're also great for kids with short attention spans, too.

The animated stories remind me a bit of some story books that we have.  Instead of having a cartoon like feel, the animation has more of a story book illustration with some moving parts type of feel.  At first I wasn't sure if my girls would go for this type of animation but they happily sat and watched the entire DVD in one sitting.  When it was over my seven year old wanted to know if there were any more parables.

I like how each parable is explained so there's no confusion as to what the meaning of the parable was when all is said and done.  Some of the parables found on this DVD are The Good Shepherd, The Prodigal Son, and The Lost Sheep.  As I watched this DVD with my children, I thought that it was perfect for children who are preparing for first penance given that there are a few parables that are often told to children preparing for this sacrament on this DVD.

I was provided with a review copy of Stories Jesus Told by the publisher, Pauline Kids, in exchange for my honest review.  Visit Pauline Media for more information on this DVD.

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