Thursday, May 2, 2013

Theme Thursday: Play

My older girls played a fair amount of soccer this past weekend so here's my take on this week's theme of play.

Ellie is a beast on the soccer field these days. She just gives it her all when she's playing the game.  In the top picture she looks absolutely determined to get to that ball.  I love the action of the second picture.  I think it's one of the better soccer pictures I have taken of Ellie.

I have more throw in pictures of Madeline than I can count.  I guess I take these pictures because I know what's about to happen and she's on my side of the field.  Most of the time she's off on the other side like in this bottom picture where I had to zoom in to get her.

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  1. Great shots! Yes, Ellie looks very determined and very grown up in that second picture.

  2. These are wonderful! So full of fun and play. (And a peek at what I'm looking ahead to, as m 4yo is playing soccer this summer.) :-)


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