Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 70

Remember the foot problem I had over a year ago?  Well, I stupidly plopped down on my foot with my leg bent under me about two weeks ago.  A few days later I started having problems with my hip and my foot.  I came to the conclusion that my hip, which has been bothering me since I was pregnant with Katie was the culprit.  So now I'm seeing a chiropractor for my hip.  I was convinced last time around that my hip had nothing to do with my foot pain but now I think otherwise.  Within a day or two of my hip hurting me my foot and different areas of my leg were having issues.  My hip joint feels like I have a huge rubber band around it.  

The kids have a nice long weekend for Memorial Day.  Madeline is off today and Monday and Ellie is off today, Monday and Tuesday.  My parents came up this morning and took the girls back to their place for the night.  They've been wanting to take Madeline and Ellie for the night for a few months but our schedule has been so jam packed that there was never a good time.  Oh and my mom brought me some flowers from her garden.  Aren't they pretty?  
Did you see that Pope Francis wants us to be annoying?  Man, I've got that in the bag!  Ask my brothers, ask my parents, ask Bryan.  Of course, being an annoying Catholic could take a bit more skill, and I'm not talking about being the person who says the prayers three words ahead of everyone else at Mass...someone in my parish already has that job.  If you're not sure how to be an annoying Catholic in a good way, take a peek at this awesome article that tells you how to become annoying in eight easy steps.
Bryan sent me this picture because it amused him.  I took a look at it and told him that I think most kids wouldn't get what this says.  I just asked Madeline if she knew what this was and she had no clue.  Her best guess what it's a guy who's name begins with an E.  Guess this is one for us old folks.
They're shaking things up at our parish again.  One of our favorite priests has just been reassigned to a nearby parish.  I'm disappointed.  I've got a bit of a priest phobia and he was the only priest I've ever felt completely at ease around.  We're going to miss him.

A few days ago I was trying to take care of some VBS stuff on my laptop while Katie played.  She was being really quiet which any mom knows is not a good thing when you're talking about little ones.  So I called her and she comes over to me munching on a tortilla shell.  Where'd she get it?  Oh, it was in the trash.  Awesome, right?  I gave her a new one that wasn't in the trash so I could put the one she was eating back in the trash.  She was still eating it when we got to the parish office a few minutes later.  Let me just tell you they thought the story of my George Costanza wannabe was hilarious.  My deacon friend told me it would have made a great picture for Catholic Charities.   I'm glad they were all amused.  So yesterday I caught her up on the kitchen table scavenging for food again.  This time she was picking sesame seeds off the table from the previous nights dinner.  Sigh.
My sister-in-law sent us some new ultrasound pictures of our niece or nephew who's due this Christmas.  Bryan decided to draw a stick figure on the baby.  When he first drew the picture the baby was backwards, but I didn't realize that he did it.  I thought my sister-in-law had texted us another picture so I was marveling over how cute it was that her doctor's office draws a stick figure over the baby.  Bryan thought it was hilarious that I didn't realize that he did it.  So he flipped the stick figure and colored it blue since it wasn't easy to see in black.  Isn't my little stick figure niece or nephew adorable?  And he or she already knows that Auntie Karen is going to go nuts buying cute clothes.  

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  1. we got a new priest a few years ago. We gave it almost 2 years and we just don't mesh with him so we are looking for a new parish. How can they assign a priest to a parish/catholic school and he doesn't like kids I'll never know.

    Good Luck with your new priest hope it goes better then ours.


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