Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Capturing the context of contentment in every day life...

Ellie played goalie for her team for half of the game on Sunday.  I know she's hot and sweaty and her hair is a mess, but I think she looks very pretty.  She's so happy playing the game that she's glowing...or maybe it's just sunburn.

Somebody has been a big ball of trouble with a capital T this week.  You see, we figured out that we could pull out the chairs and sit at the kitchen table like the big people.  As a result, we have spilled juice all over ourself and the floor, we've gotten into other people's school work and have pretty much driven a certain mommy person crazy by standing on the chairs and trying to crawl across the table top. We're very proud of ourself in case you were unsure.

Madeline's soccer coach has the magic touch when it comes to Katie.  He sings a little salsa beat and and dances with Katie on his shoulder and within minutes she's out like a light.  We had two soccer games on Sunday and since it was nice out I was doing my best to go to the girls' games this weekend.  Ellie's game was during Katie's nap time, so I was so happy that her "Uncle Rohan" was around to put her to sleep.  I originally had her facing the soccer field but Rohan decided after seeing a ball go out of bounds that Katie should have her back to the field.  Literally 30 seconds later the stroller got hit with a ball.  A minute later she got hit again.  If she hadn't been turned around she would have been jolted awake for sure.

I really like how Madeline and her teammates will not only entertain Katie on the sidelines of Ellie's games but will also cheer on Ellie's team.  

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  1. Thanks for joining! It's good to see our children having a great time on the field!


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