Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...

I sat down this morning and realized it was Thursday which meant it was time for a new {P,H,F,R} post especially since I spent way too much time working on last week's {P,H,F,R} post and it never made it past me editing photos.  I wrote it in my head and pretty much stopped there.  Sigh.  So not wanting to use old pictures, you know, old pictures that you haven't seen, sat down and lamented to myself that I didn't take any pictures this week and I guess I had nothing interesting for this post.  Then I remembered that I might have taken one or two pictures.  More like 150 and suddenly I remembered we did actually do some stuff this week.  Sometimes life just moves so fast that I forget where I've been.

Ellie took this picture of Katie on Pentecost Sunday.  I was on top of things and was remembering to take pictures for a What I Wore Sunday post that never got written.
Ellie took this picture, too.  Do you like my new "super-awesome white pants"?  My old ones are too big on me so I had to get a new pair.  They're not as super-awesome as my old ones but they'll do.  I got them for under $20 at Old Navy which had me pretty excited.

My neighbor will probably not be happy if she finds out I put this picture on my blog.  She's been babysitting for us since we moved her nearly six years ago.  Often she will come across the street and just play with the girls when they're out front.  On Monday, Bryan and I took Katie for a walk and on our way back we saw her outside shooting baskets while she had no idea we were watching her.  Once we started cheering for her she realized the odd neighbors were staring at her came over to play with Katie and the older girls.  Madeline wanted to know if she could hula hoop and somehow she ended up being challenged to do three at once.
Katie discovered that she likes to play with water.

It's been pretty warm here these past few days so Madeline decided that it would be fun to ask Nicole to squirt her with this water gun thing that we have.  
Chances are she probably came to regret helping Madeline out since Bryan decided to join in on the fun.  Of course, this isn't the first time Nicole has found herself in a water battle with the neighbors.  Compared to the years where she's been doused with buckets full of water or shot with the hose (we have other neighbors who like to play with water, too) or even tossed in the pool this was nothing.

Spring basketball games started this week for Ellie.  This is Ellie's first time playing full court basketball.  I think she was a bit surprised that she has to run as much as she does.  She's getting used to playing.  I think the court where she plays is scenic, but the sun is an absolute killer at the time when she plays.  We're roasting on the sidelines and getting blinded by the sun.  But she's enjoying herself so it's all good.  

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  1. Oh my goodness...aren't playful neighbors the best??? I love those white pants...I wish I were brave enough to wear a pair!


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