Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 69

I had to laugh at myself after waking up at 7:35 and freaking out that it was so late.  For about a minute I thought that it was Friday and the following thoughts ran through my head:  1. Madeline must have missed her bus. 2. Ellie's bus was just five minutes away and she likely wasn't ready for school. 3. There was no way I was making it to Mass this morning.  I was in a panic and was a bit annoyed.  Then I looked over at Bryan soundly sleeping and wondered if I had my days mixed up.  I thought back over the previous day and realized that today must be Saturday.  Phew!  This is the first time in many weeks that I have slept past 7:30.  Funny how a time that used to seem ungodly early to me now seems late.

I don't think Ellie made the travel soccer team she tried out for a few weeks ago.  I was hoping she'd make the team but we didn't get a call from the coach yet and it appears that most if not all of the travel teams have already notified the kids if they made the team.  Madeline's teammates knew their statuses on Tuesday.   
Just as we were getting a bit of a reprieve from soccer practices and settling into a less hectic schedule Ellie's basketball game schedule was released.  She has two weeknight games a week!  We weren't expecting that.  We assumed she'd have a practice and a game like soccer.  So it looks like it will another month before things clam down.  Of course, at that point school will be done for the summer months.
Earlier this week I talked to the mom of Ellie's best friend from pre-school and kindergarten.  She was telling me that their house had sold and they were moving to a development a few minutes from our house.  This meant that Ellie and her friend would be going to the same school in September.  I let Ellie know and she was super excited.  Then the next morning when I left Mass I looked at my phone and saw a text from the mom telling me the offer on their house fell through.  Ugh!  Buying and selling a home is such an emotional roller coaster.  If you can, say a prayer that this family will get another offer on their home so they can move to the new neighborhood.  
I aggravated the problem I had with my foot/leg/hip last year when I stupidly tucked my leg under me and plopped down on the couch.  I'm trying to figure out if I need to see a doctor about it or not.  I made an appointment with a doctor but I'm wondering if I really need the appointment.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted new casual every day dishes for my birthday.  My Corelle disheshave been taking a beating lately.  Either my dishwasher is chipping them or the child who hastily loads and unloads the dishwasher is to blame.  Of course, it's possible that it's just the result of the dishes being used for nearly fifteen years.  I brought them when I was dating Bryan and he got his own apartment.  After going back and forth about the dishes and Bryan telling me that the dishes I was looking atlooked like dishes, I decided that I didn't want to just get rid of the dishes that I still liked and had used for so many year, but I did need to expand what we had.  After checking out the possibilities, I decided to expand our casual stonewarewhich Bryan really likes. I suppose I should mention that we have three sets of dishes (fine china, casual stoneware, and every day dishes).  I got the new dishes yesterday and discovered this morning that one of the plates was incredibly warped and a mug had another problem so now I'm working on getting that issue resolved.  It's always something!  Now that I have enough stoneware for twelve, I'm excited that we have enough of it to use for Christmas dinners on the years where I don't feel like having to hand wash the china which I refuse to put in the dishwasher after a few of my dishes came out looking awful many years ago.
I had been seriously procrastinating on the paperwork aspect of VBS.  Namely adding all of the names of the campers into the spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all the necessary information.  On Friday I spent a good part of the day transferring information from last year's VBS for repeat campers over to this year's spreadsheet.  I was about to add the rest of the kids that were new tonight when Bryan offered to type for me as I read off the information.  It was a HUGE help.  So now I have all of the registration info in the spreadsheet.  It's such a relief having all of that done.  Now I just have to focus on a few more VBS related things and I'll feel like everything is right on track.  Did I mention that Bryan is awesome?

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