Thursday, May 9, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...

Katie napped through most of Ellie's soccer game on Sunday, but once she woke up she and I got out of the car and she played in the grass while I snapped pictures.  

I love the cheese ball smile on this girl.  It's not often that she will purposely smile for the camera but when she does I think it's super cute.  

She's my mini-me.  Katie loves to run into the dining room and play work on my laptop.  She does stuff to my laptop that I can't always figure out how to undo.

See that ball in the net?  That is Ellie's goal.  What you don't see is Ellie on the right hand side of this picture.  This is what happens when I'm not paying attention and I just follow the ball with my camera.  
About a second before I took this picture, my camera was fixed on Ellie who was about to send the ball flying into the net.

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