Thursday, December 15, 2011

Small Successes-December 15th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up...

1.  I discovered on Sunday night that the basement was a dismal mess and I could no longer stand it.  I set out to point out to the girls what needed to be picked up, but they weren't exactly doing a good job at that.  Actually, they pretty much didn't care that they had made the basement look like a battered war zone.  At that point I decided that my empty threat that I had been using for years needed to become a reality.  I broke out the trash bag and began tossing the toys they couldn't be bothered to pick up into it.  I wound up spending most of Sunday night and most of the school day on Monday cleaning the basement.  It looks much better now.

2. On Monday, the girls and I gathered up a lot of toys and household items and took them to Good Will.  Let me just say that I'm amazed that my kids will play with scatter toys they don't even like anymore all over the basement floor.  I was surprised when they told me that they didn't want the Barbie jet anymore.  Bryan and I dislike it because it takes up way too much space, and they don't like it because it falls apart all of the time.  Glad it's out of here.

3.  I tackled the laundry this week.  With the exception of the clothes we wore yesterday, everything is washed.  Some of it is folded, but it's all sitting in my living room.  The furniture and the floor are covered with clothes.  I need to work on getting it all folded and put away today and tomorrow.

4. I cleaned up Bryan's office.  Papers were organized, shredded and put in their proper place.  I also finally emptied the laundry basket that was filled with mailing labels, card stock, and construction paper and put those in the drawers where they belong.  I'm happy to have my laundry basket back after ten months.  You read that right, I procrastinated putting these papers in a new home for ten months.  I had taken them out of what is now Katie's closet when I was trying to make room for her things and simply left them in a basket next to Bryan's office door.


  1. Wow! I know you feel awesome after getting all that done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You've had a monumental week! Congrats! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  3. Great job! One of these days, I too will follow up on that same empty threat regarding our basement!


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