Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Ellie's felt eye patches were getting a little worn so yesterday I decided to make her one that would match her Christmas tee shirts.  She was very excited when she saw her new patch yesterday after school.

Ordinarily, she's not all that thrilled to have her picture taken wearing the patch, but this morning she happily stood next to her advent calendar to show it off.  She likes this one so much that she almost went to school wearing it this morning.  I had to stop her when she was half out of the car and tell her to take it off.  Right now she only patches for two hours a day.


For about $2.50 you can make these lovely girls very happy.  Cinnamon rolls from a tube always get Madeline and Ellie smiling.  


Despite her deer in headlights look, Katie likes this little bear hat.  She got upset with us when we took it off.  


That would be my living room two days ago.  Pretty tree surrounded by a room full of laundry waiting to be folded.  The laundry on the floor has been folded and moved upstairs, but the couch and love seat are still covered with clothes to be folded.  Can you spot the crying baby in this picture?  She sort of blends in with the mess.


  1. Oh! That last one made me laugh! I remember a neighbor visiting me when my second oldest was a baby hidden in plain sight of my mess! That same daughter also wore an eye patch for a year...wish I thought of the themed eye-patches...great idea!
    Your post and pictures brought back fond memories of my early motherhood years, thank you!
    Adorable pictures...all real with love!
    God's blessings to your family :)

  2. Such a sweet momma to make such a cute eye patch! Isn't it amazing how special inexpensive treats can light up their world? And that last photo--too funny!

  3. Cute eye patch, and cute little pincushion!


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