Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 23 Festivus Style

Since today is the made up holiday of Festivus, I'm going to do my quick takes focusing completely on Festivus miracles.

Katie slept for nearly ten hours last night (nine hours and fifty minutes to be exact)!  She was awake most of yesterday so that might explain why she slept so well.  I was very surprised to wake up at 7am and have Bryan tell me that Katie slept the entire night.

I helped out at Ellie's classroom Christmas party today and Katie slept the entire time.  It was loud, but I left without a headache.

I went to the incredibly crowded grocery store this morning.  I couldn't locate the parsley that Bryan wanted for the turkey and was getting annoyed that I couldn't find it in the produce section.  Another Festivus miracle occurred when I found an employee who was able to direct me to the parsley. 
The grocery store may have been packed, but I managed to find the items I needed and check out in less than 15 minutes.  Not only did I maneuver through the store avoiding the crowds, I also scouted out the long check out lines and found the one lane that wasn't several people deep.

We went to Target tonight so Bryan could take the girls Christmas shopping for me.  (Can we say Daddy is a procrastinator?  Good, I knew that you could.)  On the way over there Madeline's best friend texted her that they were also heading to the same Target (Festivus miracle #1).  When we parked the van I got out to get a cart so we wouldn't have to lug Katie in her car seat since we parked far away and the employee who was rounding up the carts got a cart for me (Festivus miracle #2).  Once we got in the store our 17 year old neighbor spotted us and asked us to help her with a scavenger hunt she was doing with her friend (Festivus miracles #3 and #4).  While helping our neighbor Madeline's best friend and her mom showed up (Festivus miracle #5).  Bryan took our three girls and Madeline's friend to Christmas shop for their moms (Festivus miracle #6).  We stopped at the in-Target Starbucks on the way out.  I was nervous since the new girl who has messed up my drink a few times was the only one I saw behind the counter, but then one of the baristas who makes my drink appeared and took care of my drink (Festivus miracle #7).  It's amazing how many Festivus miracles happened in just one Target shopping trip.  Oh, and I also found the lemons Bryan wanted for the turkey (Festivus miracle #8).

On my drive home from visiting my parents, we nearly got rear ended [TWICE] by an old man who I suspect was not paying attention.  The first accident was avoided when I moved my car almost to the shoulder of the road to keep from being hit at the red light.  The second one was avoided when I quickly turned onto the road I was heading to.  

Bryan gave me a gift idea last night that involved me having to go to a liquor store.  I don't shop at liquor stores, at least not by myself or with little kids in tow.  I called my parents and asked if they were going to be near a liquor store today since I was visiting them this afternoon and they said they'd stop at one since they "needed" to buy lottery tickets. (Have I ever mentioned that I can't bear to gamble even a quarter let alone a whole dollar?  I simply don't see the appeal in gambling.)  They agreed to pick up the item I needed saving me a trip.

All of the laundry is completed--for now.  Bryan worked from home today and he swapped out loads of wash throughout the day.

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  1. HOLY MIRACLE WOMAN! Sheesh! The only Festivus miracle I have had this last week, is that my kids didn't have an "accident" in public :) I understand the gambling deal. I HATE TO LOSE MONEY! But what a hypocrite I am...because I love AC :) But, we are the cheapskates there, with $50 in our pocket just waiting to be spent. LOL!


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