Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Amazingly I managed to capture a picture of Katie when she was very happy.  Seconds later when she discovered that my mom and I were about to take several more pictures her mood quickly changed to one of discontent.

Ellie was thrilled to finally get the Jessie doll that she has wanted since June.

Madeline was surprised and excited to get a Kindle.  I'm excited too since she's happily reading classic children's literature.  

The girls were very happy that they got to visit the aquarium.  Their generous Uncle Mark gave us an annual membership to the aquarium for Christmas. 


Have you ever seen a child who is this happy to get a weather station?

Oscar is fully aware that we have brought him the same gift for the past three Christmases.  A couple days ago he pulled out all three of his brightly colored bones and sat in the middle of the family room.  Is he trying to tell us that he's happy to have three of a kind or did he bring them all out as a plea for variety?  Either way, he's very likely to see another bone like this next Christmas.  He had a glow in the dark one a couple years ago.  Maybe I'll be able to find another one of those.


This picture alone pretty much sums up Katie's first Christmas.

She was largely unimpressed and would have preferred to sleep through the day.

She feigned mild interest in presents.

She was happiest when snuggled up on her Pop in a quite room.

Katie's not feeling well at all these days.  She was diagnosed yesterday with bronchiolitis.  Just look at how sad my sweet baby looks.


  1. What lovely pictures! Looks like you all had a a joyous Christmas!

  2. Could that baby be any cuter?! When we were in Philly, we went to an aquarium with that same photo prop.

  3. Melanie-You must have gone to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. That's where the shark picture was taken. I'm pretty sure it's the only aquarium in the Philadelphia area. The shark prop reminded me of the one they have in Epcot at the end of the Nemo ride.

  4. Great pictures, glad almost everyone had a good Christmas. Hope Katie is feeling better and does not need to be hospitalized. Prayers!

  5. What cute pictures of your girls! Love that plaid dress.

  6. So sorry to hear the baby is sick, that's miserable. I hope that she is better soon. But glad to see that Christmas was a fun time!


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