Saturday, September 25, 2010

Texting Towards Humility

Sometimes my carelessness can result in a major dose of humility.  Tonight brought me one of those moments.

Since getting a cell phone with texting capabilities thirteen months ago I have had a few blunders when it comes to texting.  Given that I average less than 100 text messages a month I suppose you could say that I simply haven't gotten the hang of things.  You could say that, but I can't blame my meager texting for my being careless.

Nine times out of ten the person I'm texting is Bryan, so I naturally assume that he's receiving any text I want to send him on a whim.  On several occasions I have texted my best friend with things intended for Bryan.  She will usually text back and tell me she's not Bryan or something like that when I send a nagging text about him not taking out the trash or something the kids did that aggravated me.  Other times, I have texted Bryan and in reality have sent something to our sixteen year old babysitter.  For some reason, she always gets those text messages that I wish only Bryan had seen.  I'm not sending anything salacious to him, but just things pertaining to money matters or other things of that nature.

Tonight, I was feeling unwell from some food I had eaten and instead of grabbing my laptop as I dashed upstairs, I grabbed my cell phone.  A few minutes later I was texting Bryan lamenting about some food containing fire sauce that I had earlier in the day.  Then, I suddenly thought to look and see who I had just texted.  Yup, I sent it to our neighbor, the sixteen year old babysitter.  I immediately told her to disregard what I had sent her, but her initial confusion about the texts had faded and she totally got what I was getting at in my texts to Bryan.  She and I are so even.  Both of us have so much embarrassing dirt on the other that neither could successfully blackmail the other.

Isn't it great when technology is able to help me serve up a nice heaping dose of humility to myself?  Bryan and I had a good laugh about the whole situation and I learned that I really do need to check who I am texting before I hit send.

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