Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Absolute Green Kids Natural Bug Repellent

I'm a min-van driving soccer mom, and as such I'm very familiar with a very annoying problem.  Bug bites.  Yes, while it's great to sit in my folding chair on the sidelines of a soccer field and watch my kids play I'm keenly aware of the fact that while we're outside mosquitos and other irritating flying and biting creatures look at me, and my kids like we're dinner.  Can you tell I'm not a fan being a food source for bugs?

I've mentioned in the past that I'm not a fan of bug sprays that contain DEET, that lovely chemical that can repel bugs and can pose health risks to people at the same time.  Perhaps the bugs are  just smart and that's why they stay away from the bug sprays with DEET.

Finding a DEET free bug spray that is safe to use on my kids has been a challenge for me for several years.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when a bug spray labeled "for kids" or "for families" contains DEET.  It's not safe for kids and slapping a colorful label on a product and saying it's for kids does not make it safe.  Most of the time, because I can't find a safe bug spray we go without it and simply hope that we don't get eaten alive by the bugs.

Recently I was asked by the folks over at Absolute Green if I'd be interested in trying out their Kids Natural Bug Repellent which is a DEET-free bug spray.  With soccer season looming ahead of me I instantly told them I'd be happy to give it a try.

This past weekend I finally got the perfect opportunity to try out their all natural bug repellent.  As I sat and watched Madeline's soccer practice I took notice of the mosquitos circling my head.  I laughed at them knowing that we had come to practice prepared.  Ellie and I sat on the sidelines protected with Absolute Green's Kids Natural Bug Repellent.  Ordinarily, we would have come home from the practice covered in itchy bug bites, but that night we came home bite free.

I told the other mom's about the spray and how we weren't getting bit and they were certainly interested. One of them asked to try it out.  She commented that the spray had an interesting scent (that would be the lemon eucalyptus oil) and then remarked that the arm she sprayed looked like it had been moisturized when compared to her other oil.  Sure making your skin look and feel nicer wasn't the purpose of the bug repellent, but it's a nice side effect.  I particularly like how this spray doesn't leave your skin feeling stick and gross like many of the chemical sprays on the market do.

I have to say that I'm very pleased with this bug repellant and I'm quite happy that Absolute Green gave me the opportunity to try it out.  I think we finally have a bug repellent we can trust to do the job and keep our family safe at the same time.  Watch out mosquitos, were no longer on the menu!

I was provided with a sample of Kids Natural Bug Repellent by Absolute Green in exchange for my honest review.

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