Monday, September 6, 2010

Already There Giveaway Winners

I meant to select the winners for this giveaway much earlier today, but I woke up at 5:30AM and proceeded to freak out that Madeline didn't have clean shoes for school tomorrow.  Funny how something so insignificant can turn everything upside down.  The shoe shopping trip set my day in motion and here I sit blogging at 9:15PM while eating my not so tasty reheated pizza for dinner.  Enough about my crazy digression, you want to know who the winners are, right?

The nifty selected Munches Mom and The Praying Mom as the winners for the giveaway.

Munches Mom has won the copy signed by Fr. Mark and The Praying Mom has won the second, unsigned copy.  Congratulations ladies, I hope you both enjoy this book as much as I have.


  1. Karen,

    Send me the name and address of Munches Mom, and I'll get it in the mail to her.


    Fr. Mark

  2. Karen & Fr. Mark - Thank you both very much! I received the book in the mail yesterday & can't wait to dig into it!


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