Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small Successes- September 2nd

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

Aack!  It's September?  How did that happen? We've been so busy with various things the past few weeks that I don't think I fully understood that September was getting ready to attack.

1. Bryan and I realized on Sunday that we didn't really have a game plan for Madeline's birthday.   Not-so-subtle comments from an almost nine year old that she will be 9 in fourteen days can startle oblivious parents into spontaneous party planning.  I freaked out when I realized that I hadn't put any thought into planning a party.  Having a party the weekend of her birthday didn't seem like it would work out too well since it's opening weekend for soccer.  That Friday night is consumed by the opening night ceremony, and the girls have soccer games on Madeline's actual birthday, the 12th.  Not wanting to have no downtime that weekend, we decided that we need to throw a party this weekend.  We decided that a pool party this Saturday would be ideal since the water is still warm and a Saturday party would allow us to have two days to recover before school starts.

Surprisingly, I managed to settle on a date and time for the party, procure invitations AND give them to the invitees, and put party favor bags together.  Now I just have to buy the food for the party and order a fruit tray.  I think I have this under control.

2. I spent a nice chunk of time preparing for my religious ed classes that will begin in two weeks.  Inspired by a fellow religious ed teacher at our parish, I decided to create a blog for my classes to keep the parents informed.  It's not totally finished yet, but it's coming together nicely.   Feel free to take a peek.

3. The laundry is under control.  Sure there are a few piles sitting in the living room waiting to be sorted, folded and put away, but there is not a small mountain of dirty or clean laundry to be found anywhere in that house.  That's always a success in my book.

While you're here, don't forget to enter the book giveaway that ends this Sunday.


  1. Great successes! A pool party for her birthday sounds like a great way to end the summer! What a neat idea about the blog for parents, too!

  2. I count laundry as a success any day I do it! Amen to that! And congrats on pulling together a birthday party lickety-split. I'm sure the whole family will enjoy it!


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