Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cupcakes for Mary

I decided that it would be fun to celebrate the Blessed Mother's birthday with the girls today.  I only got to eat one cupcake at Madeline's birthday party this past Saturday (Would you believe the guests devoured all the cupcakes and cookie cake?) and have been wanting to sink my teeth into one for days.  Waiting until Madeline's actual birthday this Sunday seemed like too long a span of time to wait for cupcakes.  After reading several blog posts about other families celebrating Our Lady's birthday with cakes today I figured this would be the prefect way to satisfy my cupcake craving and honor Mary at the same time.

The girls were delighted that they got to help decorate the cupcakes with blue icing.  I quizzed Madeline about why we were using blue.  She remembered that blue is Our Lady's color.  The girls really enjoyed icing the cupcakes and adding the sprinkles.  Ordinarily I don't let them do that sort of stuff.  I'm sure the Blessed Mother enjoyed watching two of her biggest fans make cupcakes for her this afternoon.
Working hard to get the icing just right.

Sprinkle application is serious business when you are five.

Look at how happy she is to decorate cupcakes for Mary!

Proudly showing off their expertly decorated Mary cupcakes.
Once Madeline and Bryan get back from soccer practice we're going to enjoy some cupcakes.  I'm pretty sure even Bryan is happy that today is our Blessed Mother's birthday.   I'm hoping that poor Ellie who now has a fever of 101.2 will want to have a cupcake. She's currently sleeping on the couch.  

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