Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Bryan called me today to tell me he was having lunch at Maggiano's.  He eats there frequently enough. His brother is a manager there so when he goes there, he gets to catch up with him, not to mention he generally gets a very nice discount.  I love their chocolate cake and I usually feel a little jealous or passed over when he tells me that he ate there on any given day.  I generally respond with "And you didn't think to get me a piece of chocolate cake?" when he tells me he went there.  Most of the time that garners a sigh from Bryan or an explanation of why getting me a piece of cake on his lunch hour that is about 7 hours before when he'll be home is an unreasonable request.  Fine, I'll admit it's a bit of a stretch to ask for the cake, but I think in the freezing cold months it's not an impossible request to carry out.

I was surprised when I got a call from Bryan today asking me if I'd like a piece of chocolate cake from Maggiano's.  How awesome was that?  And to make the situation even better, he even remembered to pick up the gift cards that the restaurant is donating to Ellie's school fundraiser.  Looks like Bryan is on his A game today!  I can't wait to dive into that chocolate cake.  I think I'll even share some of it with Bryan.

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