Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diabolical Mr. Furkins Strikes Again!

Last year the bunnies who inhabited our back yard made their own personal exit to our front yard under our fence.  When Mr. Furkins discovered that his bunny friends were able to gain access to the great wide world while he was left behind in the back yard, he tried to make their little hole bigger.  He was caught trying to escape and Bryan placed a 22 pound retainer wall stone in the way.  That stone has worked  quite well in keeping the dog in the yard.

This afternoon Ellie, Oscar and I went into the back yard.  Ellie and the dog were playing and running all over while I read a book and then picked strawberries.  I needed to put the berries inside so I popped into the house for a minute.  The next thing I know Ellie is at the sliding glass door telling me she can't find the dog.  I went out, called for him and he never came.  Then I looked around and Ellie tells me she doesn't think he's in the yard.  Of course he's in the yard!  She can't reach the latch on the fence and it's too high for him to jump so he must be in the yard.  Turns out she was right.  The stone was moved and a hole large enough for Oscar's body now existed.

It was a close to 10 minute ordeal finding and capturing the fugitive dog.  Just when I thought he was actually going to listen and come inside he decided to bolt after a pick up truck and vanish around the corner.  We finally caught up with him at our neighbor's house out back.  Ellie got a leash from them while I captured the muddy dog.

Bryan is not pleased that his beloved pet ran away.  I'm just very annoyed that he decided to run away once again.  Every time I wind up in hot pursuit of this animal I find myself wondering why I even bother to look for him.  I guess the bottom line is I know my husband and the girls would be devastated if I didn't find him.  I for one, could be perfectly content living in a pet free home.   I like house plants.  They never try to roam from home.

Any guesses how a 19 pound dog moved a 22 pound stone?  Mr. Furkins isn't talking.

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