Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can You Spare A Prayer?

And forgive me for having a rhyming title?  My mom called me while I was at Madeline's soccer game this afternoon and told me my Aunt Florence is in grave condition.  At the moment she is suffering from penumonia, renal (kidney) failure, no circulation in her leg, and she has sores the developed on the back of her legs.  My mom tells me my aunt is so badly off that she's being flown via helicopter from the hospital in South Jersey to one in Philadelphia.  If you can offer up a prayer or two for her I'd really appreciate it.  All of this has come on rather suddenly.  My aunt has been through many trials with her foot (she's diabetic and has had 4 1/2 toes amputated) and we thought she was finally in the clear.


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