Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Takes Volume 2

1. I've been stalking my strawberry and blueberry plants.  The strawberry plants have an incredible abundance of unripe berries that I'm anxiously waiting to eat.  My lack of patience is becoming more evident with each passing day.

2. I'm impatiently waiting for the butterflies to emerge from their chrysalids that they just formed earlier this week.  I can't tell you how much time I've wasted marveling at their transformation from caterpillar to chrysalid.  The kids aren't nearly as fascinated as I am.

3. Our pool was opened on Tuesday and I've been watching Shrek's swamp slowly disappear over the past few days.  I'm now sleeping less soundly at night since I'm on high alert mama bear mode listening for the sound of the door alarm or a splash.  I worry terribly that Ellie will wander into the pool.  She has no fear of the water but is still unable to swim.  That's not a good combination if you ask me.

4. I'm fighting a seemingly endless battle against clutter and dirt in my house.  I want so desperately to have a clean house that stays that way for at least a few days.  I guess the only way to get that is to clean the house and go on a vacation, but then I won't get to enjoy the clean house.

5. I brought myself some new clothes this week.  I'm happy now that I have some shirts that aren't stretched out, faded, or incredibly shrunken.  Why my shirts like to morph into something else after several washings I'll never understand.  I'm hoping my new clothes will retain their shape and original size.

6. I have started looking into homeschooling more seriously.  Bryan is starting to become receptive to the idea of homeschooling for grades 5-8.  Perhaps that will eventually encompass all of elementary and middle school.  I'm confident that I can successfully homeschool the girls for elementary and middle school, but I'm not sure about doing it for high school. If I can successfully convince Bryan, I may be able to start homeschooling after next school year.

7. We have a weekend with no soccer obligations!  My last CCD class with my kindergarten class is this Sunday. The rest of my weekend is totally unscripted.


  1. You might see if your state has any virtual charter schools to use for high school, or even earlier. That's what we'll be using for Princesa when she starts K in the fall. It gives us the teacher support we both wanted at least in the beginning while I get comfortable with my abilities etc.

  2. Oh, how I relate to desiring a house with no clutter... I know ours is a clutter magnet because of me and I am praying hard for discipline to fix that with two little ones about and another wee one expected in July... Good luck with yours! And, best of luck with your homeschooling decision. Ours are pre-k, but we already know it is the route we want to take. However, many friends and family are very against the idea - just today my mother was impressing upon me how my son needs to be in school when he hits K-age, so staying steadfast is a challenge. I keep praying that i will follow God's will and not be stubborn in my own choice or too swayed by the opinions of others, taking it year by year to make the best choices for the kids... Isn't that what we all want? Wishing you blessings


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