Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Relishing a Quiet Day

I was worried this weekend that today would be a busy or stressful day.  For the past several years every birthday of mine has something going on that makes me wish I could hit the reset button for the day.  Somehow I managed to sneak in a quiet day.

My morning started off quite nicely.  The girls gave me their hand made birthday cards.  I simply love cards that are drawn by my girls.  They make me laugh.  Madeline drew me a card that makes me think she's rather hopeful for a new sibling, but maybe I'm reading into the "balloons" with smiley faces.  Who knows?  Ellie's card also included a single smiley faced squiggly tailed balloon accompanied by some plus signs that have been circled.  Hmm.

Other than early this morning, my day has been relatively uneventful.  I ran to Target this morning to get Oscar some food since Madeline forgot to tell us he was down to the last scoop of food.  Oscar's nutritional needs are totally dependent on Madeline.  She is in charge of feeding and watering our canine friend.  She was incredibly upset last night when she discovered that we barely had enough food to cover his breakfast last night.  This was all brought to light after we had made a trip to Target last night to buy the ingredients for my birthday cookie cake.  There's always something that requires me to make another trip to Target.

This morning I took Ellie to Target to procure dog food.  Ellie spied bananas and had to have them even though they were green.  And if you're going to take a birthday mom to Target, you know that means she has to look around.  So I wound up getting myself a nice basket to replace the one that doesn't match the living room furniture.  Now I have a trendy looking banana leaf basket to hold our throw blankets in the living room.  It's not much, but I think it's a pretty awesome birthday gift.

My girls asked me about the ATC swap that Kimberlee over at Pondered in My Heart is hosting this morning, so I decided that I need to make a quick stop (is there such a thing?) at the craft store.  I wound up wandering around in the store looking for ideas for my religious education classes for next year [and yes, I'm aware that my planning ahead is borderline sickening].  I didn't  find anything new and exciting, but I did come home with a cookie cake pan.  I failed miserably in my giant cookie cake attempt yesterday afternoon so I decided I better buy a pan.  I'll be baking my cookie cake later today.

While I was typing this my neighbor called me. She just offered to take me to lunch for my birthday.  Isn't that incredibly nice?  I was actually thinking this morning that I should call her and see if she wanted to go to lunch with me.  Funny how these things work out sometimes.  It simply amazes me that I've been blessed with an abundance of great neighbors.  I couldn't ask for a better group of neighbors.

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  1. Happy Birthday, so glad you are having a good day!


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